Weekly Dose of {B} Informed – 2/24/14

Ok ya’ll – this is the premiere dose of {B} Informed, coming right up! Each weekly post will be a quick snippet of newsworthy stories from the past week. Get your current events fix in a tiny portion of your free time. Please feel free to chime in, would love to hear your take on these incidents! № 1. School lunch supplier closed by USDA reopens, some Hot Pockets recalled This one is a double whammy – potentially affecting school children and the food in your freezer! This company supplies approximately 16% of beef for federal school nutrition programs, and also for Nestle USA (maker of Hot Pockets) – hence the recall. On Monday 2/17, the company was shut down due to unsanitary conditions. By Thursday it was reopened after taking corrective measures. I don’t know about you – but that seems awful fast for a large company to fix errors that were so horrible that they resulted in a shut

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