Nutrisystem Week 18: And the chaos continues!

We are living amongst boxes in preparation for our impending move ūüôā My youngest is having a ball of fun in his new jungle gym! I was much more prepared this week to handle our eating in the midst of our new normal, and I was amazed at how well we both did! We even went out to eat at a restaurant one night to enjoy a meal together – to escape the house and stress for a little bit.¬†Moving with two kids is probably not something I will attempt again in the next 10 years. Right now I am in the middle of having a yard sale with my sister, so I wasn’t at home to witness Jeff’s weigh-in. Funny guy didn’t think I would believe him because his weight loss was EXTREME this week, so he sent me a picture (excuse the subpar photo quality, he sent it from his phone) ūüôā I am so proud of him,

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Nutrisystem Week 17: Eating In Chaos

In all honesty I just kind of survived this week! In addition to a normally super busy May, we are in the midst of preparing for a yard sale and packing up the house for a move. Lack of sleep is catching up to me, I did my best to stick to the plan but there were a few missed meals and forgotten veggies. Basically, when in doubt I ate a protein (nuts, shake, cheese, etc) and drank an extra bottle of water – thankfully I think that was probably my saving grace between a loss or a gain this week! Wednesday¬†I left the house with boxes piled high in the kitchen and on the counters. Completely forgot about my mess of a kitchen, and when I returned at 5:00 pm my family was starving and I was not in any mood to try to cook around the chaos – so we ordered takeout. ūüôĀ Poor Jeff had to fend

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Weight Loss Memoires: Month 4 Measurements & Progress Photos

Welcome to our fourth¬†edition of the¬†Baier (buy-er) Bonus! Weigh-ins are encouraging, but watching the inches disappear and the bodies shrink is the icing on the cake. (Nutrisystem cake that is) Monthly, Jeff and I will (reluctantly) model for our progress photos and I will also be posting how many inches we have lost. We are putting it all out there folks, no holds barred. After completing six months I will post comparison photos ūüôā

Nutrisystem Week 16: Month Four – Completed!

Today marks the completion of Month 4 on Nutrisystem. Looking back, it wasn’t a great month of weight loss – though I am not regretting anything. We are not only losing weight, we are also learning to make good eating choices while still living a normal life!¬†There is a balance that we have got to find if we are going to be successful in our overall goal to reach a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle.¬†This weight loss thing, it is a slow and steady process. Without changing our mindset, we cannot succeed. Today we have lost a combined 84.5¬†pounds. We have a mini goal in mind, it’s going to take a little extra ummph to reach it. Our goal is to reach a combined weight loss of 100 pounds by May 31st, which means we need to lose a combined 15.5 pounds this month. Each extra push towards the finish line is worth it in the long run!

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May Abs – Printable Beginner Workout Calendar

Click here for the printable version. Crunch with us! Jeff and I have been on this weight loss journey for 3 1/2 months now, and are still in the beginning stages of exercise. Read more about our Crunch Challenge. Starting small is the best way to avoid injury, avoid getting burnt out and simply set yourself up for success. I got a little discouraged while I was searching Pinterest one day for an ab calendar. They were all geared towards intermediate and advanced fitness buffs. I¬†didn’t want to hurt myself for goodness sakes, so I devised my own calendar! This¬†May¬†Ab calendar is for exercise beginners, and is the second in a 12-month series. If you are new here, find the¬†first month here. I guarantee, at the end of¬†May¬†you will feel stronger. Your little weakling abs will feel a little bit harder after 30 days, and putting a daily emphasis on fitness will slowly shift your mindset towards fitting more activity

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Nutrisystem Week 14: Customize Your Menu!

I’ve written about customizing your menu in a previous post, though I want to drive home the importance of taking advantage of this option. I believe it does cost extra from the base price to be able to choose your foods by customizing your menu. Before immediately balking at spending even more money on the plan, hear me out! First of all, Nutrisystem is an investment in a better you – which is priceless in my book. Second, choosing foods that you actually like to eat WILL be the difference between success or failure in your weight loss journey. It took Jeff and I about 2 months to get a good feel for the foods that we really like, the foods we tolerate and the foods that could potentially bring our weight loss journey to a grinding halt because they are just that bad. There is nothing encouraging about having to choke down a disgusting entree. I know it sounds

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