Nutrisystem Week 12: Week of Wins

Today marks the end of MONTH THREE of Nutrisystem. I have to say, it feels good to say that. In fact, Fedex just now delivered our fourth month of food. Our Fedex delivery man is so good to us, he rearranged my furniture to wheel all the food in to our living room – love that guy! It’s gettin’ real folks! Jeff and I have 9 months left to finish the original 12 months that we committed to. I’m not going to gush about how easy it has been, because nothing about dieting is easy. I have wanted to throw in the towel and have been tempted to eat “normal” food more than one time. I’ve mentioned it before, but this blog and my support team is keeping me 100% accountable to my weight loss goals. We are going to succeed and keep it off for good this time. Thankfully I had a wonderful week of successes to push me

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Nutrisystem Week 10: Fast Five (Round Two)

Repeating the Fast 5 In addition to our personal weight-loss challenge, I have been participating in a 12-week MOMS On The Move weight loss challenge against the mothers in my local MOMS Club. We each put some cash in the pot and have been competing against each other in a race to see who loses the most percentage of weight at the end of 12 weeks. The end is near, only nine days away! Time flew. I made a personal goal to be at or below my pre-Liam pregnancy weight by the end of the contest. I am proud of my progress thus far but I still had seven pounds to lose as of Monday. I have not plateaued by any means, but my resolve has kicked into overdrive and I am terribly determined to reach my mini-goal by the end of the MOMS Club challenge! Begrudgingly, I decided to complete the Fast 5 for a second time to see

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April Abs – Printable Beginner Workout Calendar

Click here for the printable version. Crunch with us! Jeff and I have been on this weight loss journey for two months now, and are still in the beginning stages of exercise. We are starting small! Read more about our Crunch Challenge here. In fact, starting small is the best way to avoid injury, avoid getting burnt out and simply set yourself up for success. I got a little discouraged while I was searching Pinterest one day for an ab calendar. They were all geared towards intermediate and advanced fitness buffs. I didn’t want to hurt myself for goodness sakes, so I devised my own calendar! This April Ab calendar is for exercise beginners. I guarantee, at the end of April you will feel stronger. Your little weakling abs will feel a little bit harder after 30 days, and putting a daily emphasis on fitness will slowly shift your mindset towards fitting more activity into your life. A few tips before

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Weight Loss Memoires: Month 2 Measurements & Progress Photos

Welcome to our second edition of the Baier (buy-er) Bonus! Weigh-ins are encouraging, but watching the inches disappear and the bodies shrink is the icing on the cake. Monthly, Jeff and I will (reluctantly) model for our progress photos and I will also be posting how many inches we have lost. We are putting it all out there folks, no holds barred. It’s still early in the game, but as we get smaller I will post comparison photos 🙂

Nutrisystem Week 7: Build A Support System

One of the biggest mistakes when I did Nutrisystem the first time around was my “I don’t need no man” mentality. Like asking someone else for support was going to make me shrivel up and die. Yes, I did lose a lot of weight on my own – but I felt extremely isolated during that time. Well guess what, I obviously do need help and my weight loss journey is a lot less painful if I admit my weaknesses and reach out for every possible mentor! The Nutrisystem weight loss counselors have been a God send.