Sunday Outing + A Giveaway!

Quality one-on-one time with my oldest (Emry) has been difficult to fit in lately. Life gets so busy these days!  She turned 10 years old a few months ago and I want to make sure to strengthen our relationship as much as possible while she enters adolescence. She went to see Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with her elementary school last week, and she loved it so much that she kept asking me to take her again. I am so happy that the school helps keep my daughter well-rounded (and it also saves me from having to take hours out of an afternoon to go to plays) – but she was adamant that she wanted to see it again so we got tickets. My dad was kind enough to watch little Liam while he napped at home. I was so happy that I decided to unplug for a couple of hours. The play was put on by our local high school. The performance

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