Bidding adiéu to 2014

Some days never seem to end – then all of a sudden a year has passed! When I created this blog late last year, I had no idea the opportunities that it was going to open up for me in 2014. The creation of my diary has led to relationships, business opportunities and a strong sense of self. I honestly did not know what to expect from my endeavor, I simply needed an outlet in a very tumultuous time of my life. I could not have dreamed of overwhelmingly positive response that I have had from my readers and friends. Words can’t express – but thank you to everyone who has been a support for me in 2014. Thank you more than you know and I can’t wait to forge new paths in 2015. In memorandum of 2014, I want to remind myself of a few things as I prepare for 2015. Dear Rebekah, What a tailspin, right!? This year flew by – even with

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