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Life is back to normal around here, first trimester is safely behind me and I have much-needed energy back. I was on turbo speed yesterday, getting things done that have been neglected for months. Trying to get caught up in case exhaustion comes back with a vengeance in third trimester! I’ve never been good at overcoming tiredness with caffeine or deep breathing – I just nap, therefore productivity disappears. One poor little thing that has been neglected to near death is my blog. I’ve missed my moments here and plan to be back nearly full time. Let’s kick it off with a new Three Things! Here are three things I am loving lately:

  1. Goodreads. You guys, where has this been my whole life!? I’ve possibly been living under a rock, but I’m head over heals for this website/app. How many times have wished that there was an easy way to record the books I’ve read along with a rating and review? My favorite part is definitely networking with friends over our love of reading. I can see what their favorite books are and they can keep track of what I’ve been reading. I can tell you that Goodreads has expanded my reading interests and opened up this whole new world of books that I never would have heard of otherwise. I’m really stoked about it!
  2. Aveda Tea. An oldie for sure but a goodie while I’m pregnant and supposed to be keeping caffeine to a minimum. It’s yummy hot and refreshing cold, all with a hint of natural sweetness. I can’t get enough of this stuff lately and my Keurig has never been cleaner! I prefer the loose leaf and picked up this super cute tea infuser and I love it. I’ve had some not-so-great ones in the past, this one has the perfect size of holes. A bit of leaves still makes it through by it makes it authentic. 😉 If you’re new to the tea game and would like to spend a little less, definitely consider this infuser.
  3. daydesignerDay Designer. I first found these on Etsy and I have have bought this planner for three years now. I’ve always gone with the classic black and white stripe, though this year I mixed it up and got one of her new floral covers and I’m giddy about it. It’s still in the box so I can have a happy surprise on June 1st! Because of timing, I have always purchased the mid-year edition but have come to love that instead of having that New Year’s rush, I get to start a fun new planner in the middle of the year – right when I seem to need a pick me up. I’m not going to start comparing apples and oranges of planners, everyone should absolutely buy the planner that works for them. I love Day Designer because Whitney English speaks my language and she sends all sorts of helpful emails and does these webinars that help me bring my A game when it comes to organization. I don’t use my planner to its full potential, something that I hope to change in the coming year. Whitney also did a collab with Target and sells some of her products there – although I’m sure they are rad and a bit cheaper, I’ve compared them and they just aren’t as good as the original she sells on her website. I’m totally biased, I know!

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