Mother’s Day Weekend

We were happy to get the spend the weekend with both Jeff’s mother and mine. Lots of water play on Saturday and a husband-prepared meal on Sunday. Those are the best, am I right!? Both kids made the most special gifts for me. Emry’s was a total surprise, since “school crafts” are a thing of the past in middle school. She had a friend over and they made these little jars with their pictures in them and a cute message on the back. Liam made me a necklace in preschool with his fingerprint impressed in a clay heart. We also have a baby on the way this year, another blessing to call me mama!

Motherhood is such a unique and personal journey for every mama. What never ceases to amaze me is the deep and raw love that I feel towards my two children. I may be in the minority here, but that love was not immediate. When both of them were born, I felt the pure responsibility of being their caretaker, but the love…that came later. Somewhere in the middle of those sleepless nights full of cries and exhaustion, we forged this bond that can never be broken. Every single day my love for them grows, despite many tantrums, harsh words, eye-rolling, feelings of inadequacy – my love for them is solid. Sometimes I look at them and just have to smile, entranced in a special kind of awe that only a mother can feel.

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