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Dear weekend at the lake, you were exactly what I needed! Coming home refreshed and ready to take on the week is rare after a vacation. I suppose this was kind of a staycation because we were only 45 minutes from home – definitely need to do this more often!

I was not raised in a lake family – we are cool-weather tent campers through and through. Last Spring I gave a weekend at the lake a try with some close friends of ours and I was sold. I don’t tent camp in Kansas very often because of the finicky weather, but give me a cabin with AC and I’m in every single time. This is the only remotely “camping” trip that Jeff will take with the kids and I so it’s kind of a win win all around! I was glad he didn’t carry buy bulk ammo online for hunting this time.

Photo May 05, 8 46 42 PM (1)

We camped with several other friends and their families and planned meals together to alleviate meal burdens. The weather was incredible, and I don’t say that lightly. Here in good ol’ Kansas we battle bugs, random hot and cold days, and the wind. Don’t start me on the wind. But the weather was perfection, calm, peaceful, and mild. The wind came back Sunday as we were packing up but I couldn’t even complain because we were absolutely spoiled in the weather department for two whole glorious days. We have lots of kids and they all played well together, there was a playground nearby and a pretty shaded grassy area between cabins. Between all of us we had plenty of yard games, snacks, food, and drinks to keep everyone happy and it was a memorable weekend for sure. Thanks to a load of firewood that one family brought, we kept a fire going for two days straight. And of course, the star of the show were giant pinatas and a margarita machine for Cinco de Mayo. This trip is going to be to tough to beat but spending so much time with kindred spirits was good for my heart – can we make this a yearly thing!?

Photo May 05, 7 41 21 PM
Photo May 05, 8 07 45 PM (1)
Photo May 05, 8 55 15 PM
Photo May 10, 9 08 20 AM

I took the kids to a little beach on Saturday and the water was frigid and there were big fish spawning or mating (not sure which) nearby but the kids still played in the water for hours. Emry and Liam played so well together, a rarity lately – so I sat on the beach just enjoying the weather and the peace. Our friends joined us later on and while we soaked up the sun, man vs wild was gallivanting in the brush trying to spear a fish. And to my complete surprise he actually got one, the kids thought it was fascinating and Liam kept trying to pour water on it to keep it alive…unfortunately I think that ship has sailed little buddy.


Saturday and Sunday morning I went for a hike with two of my gal friends. We are preparing for a hike in Colorado at the end of June so we are jumping on any remotely close training we can get. Saturday we were kind of just scoping out the area and taking random trails but we had a plan Sunday and stumbled upon some very pretty scenery. I’m terrible – I’ve never loved Kansas and never planned to stay here into my adult life but little things like this give me faith that not all hope is lost. The area we hiked was breathtaking!

Day One:

Photo May 06, 8 27 52 AM (2)
Photo May 06, 8 29 51 AM
Photo May 06, 8 58 11 AM (1)
Photo May 06, 9 31 42 AM

Day Two:

Photo May 07, 8 39 28 AM
Photo May 07, 8 40 33 AM
Photo May 07, 8 43 59 AM (2)
Photo May 07, 8 47 33 AM
Photo May 07, 8 48 56 AM
Photo May 07, 9 35 15 AM
Photo May 07, 12 22 06 PM
So many highs this weekend – it was hard to leave. I highly recommend renting the cabins out at Wilson Lake. We’ve stayed in Hells Creek and Otoe now, both areas have their perks – ask me if you want to know more!

xo, Rebekah


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