Discovering Joy

I’ve been there, you’ve been there – the week from hell. The day that never ends. The hour that is full of so much to do that your mind is bogged down with anxiety and nothing else exists but a to-do list.

The attitude that is born from those monotonous moments gives way to bitterness and negativity in the long run. I have met a handful of truly bitter people in my life. Something in their life was too heavy for them to carry and their poor attitude slowly grew into a really nasty hatred for life. I understand more than you know – sometimes bad things do happen to good people. But those bad things do not have to define you. Maybe nothing really bad has ever happened to you – your life is just plain boring. Every day the same as the next. I assure you, letting life just happen can be just as stagnant as harboring bitterness. Maybe you are already a happy person – this challenge is for you too! I promise no harm can come from finding too much happiness in your day 🙂 Here is my encouragement for all of you today – find a smidgen of joy in the tiny things.

I swear this won’t take more than five minutes. Here is my challenge to you – every single day for the next week, acknowledge those little moments of joy that occur in your day. Even on my very worst days, there is always something that makes me smile. You may think your life is really boring – but I assure you that it is not.

When that joy occurs, record it. Take a picture with your phone, keep a small notebook handy and jot down what made you turn that frown upside down, use a notebook app on your phone, text your snippet of joy to a friend – whatever it takes to acknowledge those glimmers of happiness that occur in a day.

Adopt this challenge for one week before passing judgement. The goal is to embrace the tiny snippets of joy that do exist in your life, and grow them into a mindset of happiness! I even venture to say that pretty soon it will be impossible to overlook those tiny moments of happiness.

If you are drawing a blank at moments of joy – don’t overthink it! My snippet of joy today was these bright red shoes that I found for Liam. I saw them, I smiled, they brought a moment of joy. Wasn’t that easy? I can’t wait to see and hear about your glints of joy. Tag me on Instagram, #glintandglitter, shout out on Twitter!

Have a blessed day!


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