Week In Pictures | Eleven

Week In Pictures | Eleven

Week In Pictures | Eleven

I have been participating in The Bethadilly Challenge on Instagram, a 365 photography project. The challenge has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and I have made strides discovering my personal photography style thanks to picking up my camera daily and thinking outside the box. The challenge has pushed me creatively and I have met some amazing photographers along the way. I love Instagram, and despite my staunch belief that IG should be mobile photos only – my end goal for the challenge is to learn my camera inside out so I have been participating using mostly photos from my DSLR.

If you are interested in following along, check out @bethadilly on Instagram!


67 | 365 {time}


68 | 365 {metal}


69 | 365 {animal}


70 | 365 {negative space}


71 | 365 {starts with w} windy!

The Bethadilly Challenge | My Week In Photos

73 | 365 {a collection} my obsession with vintage Melmac

I will be posting the remainder of my year in pictures here on the blog and feel free to follow along on Instagram @beckabaier

Have a blessed day!


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