Resolutions: Not My Cup Of Tea

I’m 29 years old. I have been making resolutions since I was in my sophomore year of high school approximately 13 years ago.

Over 20 resolutions have been made in my lifetime, and every single time I broke them in the first couple of months. The year gets busy, the year gets mundane, the year turns into just another year. In 2007, Richard Wiseman did a study of 3000 people, yielding results that 88% of people who make resolutions in a new year will fail. I used to strive for a perfection that was unattainable, and the resulting failure would obliterate my self-esteem. Resolutions can be a powerful tool for the right person. Kudos to the 12% that succeed – your willpower is admirable!!

I have a feeling in my gut that this year is going to be different, not because of some well-meaning resolutions that eventually get swept under the rug – but because for the first time in my life, I am going to happen to my year instead of letting it happen to me. 


You are going to hear the word {aspire} many times over at the Life of B this year, it’s my (one little word) and it is going to be a defining factor in what I firmly believe will be the most promising year that I have ever lived.

I encourage you – wipe the cobwebs out from your mind, erase pre-conceived notions that have you convinced that your life has reached an unbreakable plateau. Decide today that you are going to grab life by the reigns and head sky high. Find ONE thing that leaves you so excited that you cannot fall asleep at night and cannot wait to wake up in the morning.

Discover what it means to transform and define YOUR Life of {B}.

{B} Happy. {B} Courageous. {B} Kind. {B} Unafraid. {B} Fearless. {B} Compassionate. {B} Friend. {B} Lively. {B} Unstoppable.

What will you {B} this year?




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