Little Girl, Big Dreams

My Emry was just born yesterday, right!? She is ten years old, and although that is not possible I wanted to capture her little face before she completely grows up. It is not every day that I can devote an entire afternoon to a photo shoot with one of my children but if you can I truly recommend doing it. Emry had a ball getting all dolled up, and she took on a fun persona while mommy clicked away. While I was editing I realized that life gets so mundane that I hadn’t even realized that my little girl is on her way to being a lady. We had so much fun creating these beautiful pictures and I will always look back on this memory fondly.

A letter to my daughter.

To Miss Emry. You are my firstborn, the first child that I loved with my whole heart. The bond we have is irreplaceable and I am proud to call you my daughter. The entire world is at your fingertips.Ā Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses – but there will be hundreds of beautiful days. Grab those days by the reigns and build an amazing life. Always depend on your faith in God. The strength you can build through Him when times are good will help you weather any storm. Be true to what you believe in and rely on the importance of inner beauty and true relationships. I pray for you and for the amazing future you will create.Ā 









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