Bidding adiéu to 2014

Some days never seem to end – then all of a sudden a year has passed! When I created this blog late last year, I had no idea the opportunities that it was going to open up for me in 2014. The creation of my diary has led to relationships, business opportunities and a strong sense of self. I honestly did not know what to expect from my endeavor, I simply needed an outlet in a very tumultuous time of my life. I could not have dreamed of overwhelmingly positive response that I have had from my readers and friends.

Words can’t express – but thank you to everyone who has been a support for me in 2014. Thank you more than you know and I can’t wait to forge new paths in 2015.

In memorandum of 2014, I want to remind myself of a few things as I prepare for 2015.


Dear Rebekah,

What a tailspin, right!? This year flew by – even with every effort to try to slow it down. Remember New Year’s Eve last year? You didn’t even stay up until midnight (and who are you kidding, you probably won’t this year either lol) but point being, it began like any other. Another year, another day, another resolution. You didn’t have high hopes – not that your life hasn’t been exciting here and there, but it has been pretty darn predictable as of late.

This year you found purpose and built relationships. You stepped outside of your comfort zone and discovered that you are a person that deserves to be heard. You have been active in church and took on responsibilities that have been fulfilling and exciting.

I am proud of you. For the endless hours you have spent taking photography courses and Photoshop workshops while the kids are in bed. For absorbing as much information as possible through magazines and articles. For finally taking a leap of faith to learn something inside and out that has always been a hobby & interest. For listening to a newfound friend and believing that their may be a hidden talent that deserves attention.

You still are holding on to a niggling voice that is trying to tell you that you aren’t good enough – but I have faith that you will overpower that voice and reach great heights in 2015. Being willing to open yourself up to change has created a blank slate with absolutely endless potential for beauty. Go get em’ girl – life is waiting and you are finally ready to take it by the horns.





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3 thoughts on “Bidding adiéu to 2014

  1. Rebekah,
    The beauty of your words is inspiring. You are not only good enough, you are an amazing, talented, beautiful child of God and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you this year!

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