December Photo A Day: 31 Days Of Holiday Cheer In Pictures

It is no secret that this is my favorite time of year – and every single year it passes in a flash. A friend of mine asked me if I planned on doing a photo a day challenge in December. I had never heard of such a thing (apparently I live under a box, I know)! After a quick google search, I realized that a challenge like this was the perfect answer to help me cherish the details of my fondest memories. Taking a few minutes a day to capture the essence of this beautiful season can help you slow down and focus on the small things!

How to remember the prompts?

-Print a copy of the prompts and hang them somewhere readily visible
-Copy & paste the list below into a note taking app (I really enjoy Evernote)
-Download straight into your Google calendar using this link – click on +GoogleCalendar in the lower righthand corner to add it.

To follow along be sure to use #decembercaptures2014 via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

These prompts are purposely slightly vague to encourage creativity, so let your imaginative light shine! If you prefer more concrete prompts, see this post to capture specific aspects of the holiday season!

  1. Warmth
  2. Joy
  3. Festive
  4. Bright
  5. Glitter
  6. Quiet
  7. Giving
  8. Stars
  9. Believe
  10. Goodwill
  11. Blessings
  12. Family
  13. Twinkle
  14. Winter
  15. Peace
  16. Lights
  17. Silent Night
  18. Let It Snow
  19. Decorate
  20. Ornaments
  21. Greetings
  22. Hope
  23. Celebrate
  24. Snowflakes
  25. Tradition
  26. Taste
  27. Jolly
  28. Scent
  29. Jingle
  30. Frosty
  31. White


December 2014 Photo A Day Prompt List

Click here to print

Enjoy this beautiful season, I cannot wait to see all of your lovely creativity in the coming weeks!


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