Dinnerware For Pennies + Vintage Art Finds

My absolute favorite time to thrift is in the Fall – on a cool, slightly overcast day. Don’t know exactly why, but it does it for me! I needed five seconds to myself the other day, so once the kids were fed and playing happily with daddy I snuck out for a bit. I wasn’t exactly in search of anything but I love to mindlessly peruse – my personal relaxation remedy!

Must do it more often apparently! Usually I am just in search for my soon-to-be Etsy shop, though today I found a few super fun pieces for my personal kitchen collection and a couple of fun pieces of art. Choosing color schemes can be (and usually is) painful for my second-guessing mind. Recently I finally decided on retro blue, black and white for our kitchen – with a few color pops here and there.


The Life of B - Mid Century Dinnerware
“Made in Germany” bright yellow ceramic bowl 379/76

I have a suspicion that this is mid-century but nothing to base it on. Made in Germany, wide base with shiny glaze, pretty lines and awesome pop of yellow at the dinner table – I snapped this up for 29 cents.

The Life of B - Mid Century Thrifting
Harmony House “Talk Of The Town” Melmac Mugs

These are my new favorite little cups. Low-maintenance and kid-friendly (no shattering when Liam decides to chuck it across the room) These are reminiscent of my go-to gift mug at anthropologie and I was immediately drawn to them. With vaguely geometric handles and bright white shiny finish – these were a perfect addition to my collection of quirky cups. (I was also pleased to find them in a set of four, the even number kept my OCD happy) Anyone who thrifts on a regular basis knows finding complete sets can often be a lofty task!

The Life of B - Mid Century Tableware
Pyroceram Tableware Mug by Corning

The only lonely mug of this type on the shelf, but I hope to find more of these at some point! The simple design is very pretty in black and white.

The Life of B - Mid Century Tableware
Vintage Royal China Funky Rooster Plates

These little saucers made me laugh so I had to bring them home 😉 My daughter loves the rooster plates and has asked for them by name several times since I bought them.


A new and dear friend of mine is on the scrapbook kit design team at Gossamer Blue. She is so talented – you should probably check her out on Instagram! She recently shared a sneak peek of the Gossamer Blue December kit and I was super inspired by the hues and patterns. On my kid-free thrifting minute I stopped by my favorite local antique store and this little stag horn caught my eye. I don’t have a specific purpose for it just yet, but my creativity is shifting to high-gear as the holidays approach! I’m excited to see what I will create this season.

A bit of behind the scenes action for ya :) We just moved a couch in our living room and I am uber pleased with the amount of natural light that now floods our living room. Perfect little studio space for my pretty pieces (when I can keep the kids away!)
A bit of behind the scenes action for ya 🙂 We just moved a couch to a different location in our living room and I am uber pleased with the amount of natural light that now floods the space. Perfect little studio space for my pretty pieces (when I can keep the kids away!) I shoot with a Canon T2i, this photo was being taken with my Canon 50 mm 1.4 prime lens.


The Life of B - Mid Century Art & Home Decorating
Marlez – “Symphony In Green” Wax on paper, private collection. Lithograph print.

While at my favorite antique store, I unearthed this print. The lines are great, and I adore the hues. I knew it would look perfect in our bedroom. I must have been visibly excited about it (which is a little embarrassing), because the owner gave it to me for free. I have had a really fun relationship with the owner’s of this place, they keep an eye out for items on my wish list and I have spent hours chatting with them about our mutual love of beautiful vintage pieces.

“The Rocky Coast” Painting by Nadine Greene 1966


I am not normally drawn to vintage landscape paintings (I prefer abstracts and lithographs) but the colors on this canvas wowed me so much that I knew it needed to be on my wall. I do not know the artist, though lately I have become more focused on pieces that speak to me and belong in my spaces rather than whether or not the artist or brand is well-known so it was perfectly fine with me to add her lovely art to our walls!

Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware
First shoot with my new tripod – I didn’t notice the legs snuck in my shot until everything was tidily in my cupboard. For now just consider it a purposeful artistic method 😉

After all was said and done, I was able to get my thrift fix and add some fun pieces to my cupboards for a little less than $12. If that is all it takes to feel refreshed and get back into mommy mode, count me in!

Have a blessed day!




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