Back on the blog in our new home!

It has been very quiet over here at the The Life of B! I apologize for the longer than expected hiatus – Jeff and I got a hair-brained idea to up and move on basically a whim.

Moving to a bigger house has been a dream for some time, so together we compiled a wish list. We had a mutual favorite neighborhood, we wanted a large yard in town and we desired a larger space. We truly never expected a house that checked all our requirements to become available the same afternoon. Before we knew it, our house sold only five days after listing it. God’s timing? You betcha. A whirlwind, lots of sore muscles, hundreds of signatures and only a few tantrums later on the kids part, I am still smiling. Our new house felt like home from day one and I can’t wait to raise my family here.

For those of you who know me, I shy away from risks. I have a very tiny comfort zone and straying from it causes me much anxiety. Buying this new home has been an incredible learning process for me. Much prayer and deep breathing propelled me into a spectrum of life that I never knew existed because I had been holding myself and my family back from change. I made the realization that I have been basically treading water, day in and day out not really tapping into my talents or potential the way that God has intended for me. Deep stuff to figure out for just buying a new house, right! 😉 This uncharted risk has been such a bright beginning in more ways than one and I am bursting at the seams to see what life has in store for us!

Thank you for bearing with me during my longer-than-expected hiatus. I will be unveiling our new home in pictures in the coming weeks. It is a stellar 4000 square foot, 1950’s mid-century atomic ranch sitting on 1/2 an acre, smack dab in the midwest. Mad Men vibe is literally dripping from it’s core and we are just soaking it up! We will be doing a few renovations, but mostly staying true to the simple originality of this statement home, right down to the wool pintuck Laura Ashley drapes and the gold starlight sconces.

For now I will leave you with a picture of my sweet boy. We have SO MUCH nature space here and it is incredible. More space = less time spent organizing = more time spent literally watching my children grow. Liam was watching Emry blow dandelion seeds and this was his first attempt. It melted my heart, my cup runneth over!


Have a blessed day!





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