Nutrisystem Week 18: And the chaos continues!

We are living amongst boxes in preparation for our impending move 🙂 My youngest is having a ball of fun in his new jungle gym! I was much more prepared this week to handle our eating in the midst of our new normal, and I was amazed at how well we both did! We even went out to eat at a restaurant one night to enjoy a meal together – to escape the house and stress for a little bit. Moving with two kids is probably not something I will attempt again in the next 10 years. Right now I am in the middle of having a yard sale with my sister, so I wasn’t at home to witness Jeff’s weigh-in. Funny guy didn’t think I would believe him because his weight loss was EXTREME this week, so he sent me a picture (excuse the subpar photo quality, he sent it from his phone) 🙂 I am so proud of him, I was all smiles when he sent the picture to me!


Feeling so very blessed today, having some rare bonding time with my little sister and youngest niece while enjoying some fresh air! Now for our Friday weigh-in!

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -30.8
  • Month 2: -7.0
  • Month 3: -12.0
  • Month 4: -1.4
  • Week 17: +5.8
  • Week 18: -8.2
  • Overall Loss: – 53.6 pounds

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -13.8
  • Month 2: -7.1
  • Month 3: -10.1
  • Month 4: -2.3
  • Week 17: -0.5
  • Week 18: -1.9
  • Overall Loss: – 35.7 pounds

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!




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