Nutrisystem Week 12: Week of Wins

Today marks the end of MONTH THREE of Nutrisystem. I have to say, it feels good to say that. In fact, Fedex just now delivered our fourth month of food. Our Fedex delivery man is so good to us, he rearranged my furniture to wheel all the food in to our living room – love that guy! It’s gettin’ real folks! Jeff and I have 9 months left to finish the original 12 months that we committed to.


I’m not going to gush about how easy it has been, because nothing about dieting is easy. I have wanted to throw in the towel and have been tempted to eat “normal” food more than one time. I’ve mentioned it before, but this blog and my support team is keeping me 100% accountable to my weight loss goals. We are going to succeed and keep it off for good this time.

Thankfully I had a wonderful week of successes to push me through and keep my focus on our goals. This morning at weigh-in I officially reached my pre-Liam weight. He was born 1/22/13. Not going to lie, I did a little happy dance. I was by no means at a healthy weight when I became pregnant, though this is an awesome milestone for me to reach! We are getting healthy so we can be the parents that our kids deserve. My cup runneth over with joy this morning 🙂

Yesterday at our monthly MOMS Club meeting I found out that I won the MOMS On The Move Challenge. I lost approximately 10% of my starting weight in 12 weeks. I wore a pair of jeans to the meeting that I could not even fit into prior to the challenge, and they were actually slightly loose. I am totally tooting my own horn right now because I am so darn excited. All of my daily choices to eat healthy were tangible when I received my $50 cash reward – sweet! Kudos to all the moms who participated, everyone did so great and can be proud of their success as well.

Lastly, I went to get my hair trimmed on Wednesday. My hair dresser immediately asked me if I had lost weight. Double sweet! There is nothing better during a weight loss journey than a friend noticing that you are thinner. Why yes – I am killing it and have lost 30 pounds, thank you for noticing!!

Time for our weekly weigh in! Keep an eye out for this month’s Baier (buy-er) Bonus for progress photos and measurement updates!

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -30.8
  • Month 2: -7.0
  • Week 9: -3.2
  • Week 10: -2.6
  • Week 11: -4.4
  • Week 12: -1.8
  • Overall Loss: – 49.8 pounds

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -13.8
  • Month 2: -7.1
  • Week 9: -2.5
  • Week 10: -2.2
  • Week 11: -3.0
  • Week 12: -2.4
  • Overall Loss: – 31.0 pounds

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!


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