Why We Love Baby Gap Triple-Roll Socks

Why We Love Baby Gap Triple-Roll Socks - A Product Review | The Life of B Blog

A product review of Baby Gap Triple-Roll Socks

Why the review? My little chubber is in the 95th percentile for weight, he’s not a total rolly polly but is much larger than my daughter was at 13 months, so hand-me-down socks just did not cut it with this guy. I have been on the hunt for comfortable socks for his squeezable chubby legs since he was born, here is a documentary with my findings!

What are they made of? 79% Cotton, 17% Polyester and 4% Spandex. This unique fabric composition is what keeps them soft and long-wearing.

What makes them different? The triple roll and fine rib knit is what keeps these socks up. Not some tight band right at the ankle or around the calf. While wearing the “other” socks, I’m sure that Liam would never have lost circulation – though after a night of sleep I would always feel so horrible when he had a deep sock indention around his ankle or on his calves. I am fairly certain that it was not comfortable.

Price: $3.00/pair. Yes, that might seem like a lot for a pair of baby socks. Check out the sizing though, after 6-12 months, the sizes run for a year at a time (12-24 Months, 2-3 Years, 4-5 Years). $3.00 for a pair of socks doesn’t seem like quite so much when I know it is going to fit for around 12 months. I know that my fellow Baby Gap mommy’s know how to use a good coupon to justify the cost. I have caught them on an end of season sale for $1.00 a pair, paired with a coupon the price rivaled that of a pair of baby Hanes. GAP also sells a 4-pack of the white for $10.50.

Three dollars a pair? Yikes! Yes – they are three dollars a pair, but these suckers don’t wear out. As with most brand new Baby Gap clothes, I hate washing them because the original quality seems to wain drastically unless washed on delicate and air-dried. Who has time for that? (Okay, maybe you do – not judging, just jealous!) These socks were just as soft and comfy after washing as they were brand new out of the package. No pilling whatsoever.

Why We Love Baby Gap Triple-Roll Socks - A Product Review | The Life of B BlogWhy We Love Baby Gap Triple-Roll Socks - A Product Review | The Life of B BlogWhy We Love Baby Gap Triple-Roll Socks - A Product Review | The Life of B Blog

 Why We Love Them:

  • The socks do not fall down. (Granted, not all babies are chubby! We love the triple-roll, though these might not fit as well on a slimmer baby)
  • Capability of three versatile lengths.
  • If baby is chilly, I completely unroll the socks for an extra layer. They are great for an impromptu pant or legging as well.
  • Wash well, long-lasting.
  • Light to medium thickness, almost like a dress sock. I actually really like that when trying to fit Liam’s chubba feet into shoes. There is no extra sock bulk. Totally agree there is a time and place for a thicker sock, you could easily double up the triple-roll for the same result.
  • Rubber grips on the sole. MUST-HAVE for a toddler. I have only put those shoe hero shoes on him about five times, so it is very important to me that he doesn’t slip around while learning to walk.

The proof is in the pudding. These are a Baby Gap classic that have stood the test of time and I truly hope that they do not discontinue them any time soon. As of this writing, the triple-roll socks have 247 ratings online with an average of 4.5 stars. That is a lot of happy baby feet!

Check out my “sock fail” pictures below. Each caption includes the brand and why that particular sock did not work for us. I was on the fence with one sock that I didn’t picture – the Baby Gap Favorite Cozy socks. They were always too snug for Liam, but the material is so soft and snuggly. They are definitely well-made, but since they didn’t fit Liam I gave them to my sister for my niece and they fit her just perfectly. I didn’t want to include them in the “sock fails” because they really are a nice sock!

Yes – I just wrote an entire blog post about baby socks, parenthood really changes your perspective on life. If I can help one parent avoid the frustration of searching for a well-fitting sock for their child, then my work is done!

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!




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