Weekly Dose of {B} Informed – 3/17/14

Good morning Monday! Start it off with a dose of {B} Informed. If you are new here, {B} Informed is a snippet of newsworthy stories from the past week – from a mom’s point of view. Get your current events fix in a tiny portion of your free time and without having to scour the Internet!

№ 1. Amazon Prime to cost 99 dollars a year
I know it was inevitable, though I just hate when prices go up for services that we love. Time to reevaluate if it’s still worth it for all you families out there! I know some people were just on the brink of whether or not Prime was worth it – this might send them over the edge of NOT subscribing. We use it enough that I think we’ll opt to keep it. Do your math folks!

№ 2. Honda recalls over 800,000 Odyssey minivans
If you are the owner of a Honda Odyssey, be sure to check if your van is included in this recall. The fuel pump cover can deteriorate and cause a fuel leak.

№ 3. Twitter posts land 2 Saudi men in prison
Take note ya’ll, you can be held accountable for your words in social media!

№ 4. Mark Zuckerberg calls Obama to complain about NSA
Apparently it only takes a net worth of a couple billion to earn the audience of the President of the United States? And I wasn’t aware that Mr. Zuckerberg had expanded his expertise to matters of national security…this one made me say hmmm.

№ 5. Iraq Child Marriage Bill Would Allow Girls To Wed, Severely Limit Women’s Rights
This bill could allow girls as young as age 9 to wed, and would also require that women submit to sex as often as their husbands require it. Makes my stomach turn, I truly hope this bill is denied.

And now for your….


Guy gets two DWI’s…in one day, at one McDonald’s
This guy is a winner. And apparently really loves McDonald’s food when he is intoxicated 😉

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