Nutrisystem Week 8: Down & Dirty Tips To Lose Weight

*Disclaimer – this post is for those who are truly overweight or obese and are ready for a change. Seriously, this post is only for people who have reached the point of no return and are dead set on losing weight. The thoughts in this article are harsh and not intended in any way, shape or form to promote eating disorders. Please divert if you are easily offended 🙂

Weight loss is a very positive thing, though coddling your way through it really is not the best approach to take if you are dead set on dropping those pounds. Being too easy on yourself will result in more cheat days and eventual weight-loss failure in the grand scheme of things. I wrote this post because I am fed up with being fat. Although I do utilize many positive and happy approaches to weight loss, keep reading for some of the best down and dirty tips that have pushed me through multiple plateaus, tough diet days, temptations, etc.

№ 1. Take before photos.

Or have someone take them for you. From every single angle. Front, back, side, your profiles from the neck up – front, back, side. Yes you are feeling gross, and probably really, really bad about yourself. I 100% get that. Looking at those photos will bring emotions in tidal waves. For me it was a smack in the face of reality. I was huge, no more hiding behind what I “thought” I looked like – this is the real deal and what people see when they look at me. Making our pictures public on The Life of B was even more degrading but the drive it provoked in me was astounding. Use the anger about your current weight and how you look to fuel your weight loss journey. Keep taking monthly photos to watch yourself shrink until you have reached your goal. In the meantime, print out your before photos and post them wherever you might benefit – inside a pantry door, on the refrigerator, in the freezer, on the bathroom mirror, as your computer desktop wallpaper, etc.

№ 2. Come to terms with what you are.

Overweight, obese, unflattering, flabby, stuffed in clothes, human sausage – you get the point. Classic internal war waged between loving yourself vs hating what you’ve become, this is a bold move for people who love who they are but not what being fat has made them. Write down 10+ words about yourself on a piece of paper that describe how you currently feel about your weight and what it has done to your body. Descriptive words are best, check out for really colorful language. Type it up and make it all pretty in Word or Photoshop with lovely fonts and hues, because guess what? You are going to hang it up with all your pictures from the last step! Yes, this may sound a little harsh – but I don’t have time to mend my bruised ego because that is what got me into this mess in the first place by using emotional eating as a way to cope with the big bad world.

№ 3. Stop being so forgiving.

No, it really is not okay that you have cheated on your diet for the third day in a row and had to exercise like mad to burn off 1/4 of the extra calories. Just stop making excuses, excuses never moved the scale as much as brutally being honest with myself. It is inevitable, a large percentage of us are going to give in to a weakness and cheat. So then look at it a different way – plan your “cheats” into your day. Eat less calories at breakfast so that you can have a cookie for a snack or eat appetizers at that party tonight. The less you deprive yourself = the less you will cheat = less negative feelings about yourself = less emotional eating = weight loss. I really hate the word cheat anyways, it has so many negative connotations tied to it – let’s call it planned diversions. So the point is, plan your diversions. If you cheat because of poor planning, then by all means – beat yourself up!

№. 4. Stop buying junk food.

I learned this one from a Weight Watchers counselor, so I can’t claim it as my own – but it’s a goody! Seriously though, why would you buy junk food at the grocery store just to spend the entire week figuring out how to NOT eat it once it’s nestled in your pantry? It’s not rocket science folks, man I love when a weight loss tip is so simple! “But I buy it for the kids”, well then you are not doing your kids any favors because you are setting them up for a lifetime of weight issues as well (ouch). STOP BUYING JUNK FOOD. Put the entire family on healthy food lockdown. Google healthy recipes, stalk Pinterest healthy recipe boards like your life depends on it, buy a cookbook – but please, love your family enough to teach them healthy eating habits. Little Johnny will eventually start eating the real food you are serving him when his tummy growls loud enough. As an added bonus, when the entire family is on board, weight loss gets just that much easier.

№ 5. Quit rewarding weight loss with food.

What? Yep, you read that one right. Though I know at least half of dieters have been guilty of this, including myself. I lost 50 pounds! Let’s go to Golden Corral buffet and gorge ourselves! I don’t think I need to delve into how wrong this kind of reward is, do I?

Simply put, sometimes you have to stop coddling yourself in order to get results.

Now that I have thoroughly given you a mental bashing, here is my Friday weight loss results! Jeff is out of state on business so we’ll catch up with his results next week. Today we have completed month two. Our progress reports are getting fairly lengthy. Starting next week I will be changing the format of our progress reports to reflect total weight loss per previous months, and then per week for the month we are currently in. Sounds confusing, you’ll get it when you see it 🙂

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -14.0
  • Week 2: -6.6
  • Week 3: -3.6
  • Week 4: -6.6
  • Month 1 Total: -30.8 pounds
  • Week 5: -1.8
  • Week 6: -5.0
  • Week 7: -0.2
  • Week 8: ?
  • Month 2 Total: ?

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -9.3
  • Week 2: -0.4
  • Week 3: -2.5
  • Week 4: -1.6
  • Month 1 Total: -13.8 pounds
  • Week 5: -1.8
  • Week 6: -0.9
  • Week 7: -2.9
  • Week 8: -1.5
  • Month 2 Total: -7.1 pounds
  • Cumulative Total: -20.9 pounds

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for this month’s Baier (buy-er) Bonus to see our month 2 progress photos and inches lost! Have a blessed day and thank you for reading!


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