Nutrisystem Week 11: Completion of Fast 5 (Round 2)

My husband and I just completed week 11 of our Nutrisystem weight-loss journey. Overall, our week was fairly uneventful. I (Rebekah) completed my second round of the Fast 5 on Sunday. I made the assumption in last Friday’s post that I would not lose five pounds (as promised by the Fast 5) because I have already been on a low-calorie plan for over two months now – though I was very shocked when I had lost exactly five pounds after the 7-day duration (Monday-Sunday). Maybe, just maybe these people at Nutrisystem know what they are doing. 😉

Furthermore, the week after my first Fast 5, I gained. Thankfully, today I was down 0.9 pounds from my weigh-in at the end of this Fast 5.

Every time I finish a Fast Five, I secretly vow that I will never repeat it again – though it really is a quick way to shake up your metabolism, and I have a feeling it would do wonders at busting through a plateau. So even though it is uncomfortable, I will not rule out the possibility of completing a Fast Five in the future!

Now for our Friday weigh-in! Jeff is inching super close to losing 50 pounds and is approximately one-third of the way through his total weight loss goal. I am so extremely proud of him!

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -30.8
  • Month 2: -7.0
  • Week 9: -3.2
  • Week 10: -2.6
  • Week 11: -4.4
  • Overall Loss: – 48.0 pounds

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -13.8
  • Month 2: -7.1
  • Week 9: -2.5
  • Week 10: -2.2
  • Week 11: -3.0
  • Overall Loss: – 28.6 pounds

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!


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