Nutrisystem Week 10: Fast Five (Round Two)

Repeating the Fast 5

In addition to our personal weight-loss challenge, I have been participating in a 12-week MOMS On The Move weight loss challenge against the mothers in my local MOMS Club. We each put some cash in the pot and have been competing against each other in a race to see who loses the most percentage of weight at the end of 12 weeks. The end is near, only nine days away! Time flew. I made a personal goal to be at or below my pre-Liam pregnancy weight by the end of the contest. I am proud of my progress thus far but I still had seven pounds to lose as of Monday. I have not plateaued by any means, but my resolve has kicked into overdrive and I am terribly determined to reach my mini-goal by the end of the MOMS Club challenge!

Begrudgingly, I decided to complete the Fast 5 for a second time to see if I can make some fast headway towards my pre-pregnancy weight. I say begrudgingly because the first Fast 5 was pretty painful. What do you eat on the Fast Five? A sample snapshot of a day of eating is as follows:

Breakfast: Nutrisystem Entree
Mid-Morning Snack: EngergiZING Chocolate Shake
Lunch: Nutrisystem Entree + Vegetable Serving
Afternoon Snack: Craving Crusher Chocolate Shake
Dinner: Nutrisystem Entree + Vegetable Serving

Each day is approximately 950-1050 calories. Jeff never finished his Fast 5, so I am using his before the food expires. Each shake is 60 more calories than the women’s versions of the same. I am on day 5 of 7 today, so far it has been mildly uncomfortable but 100% doable, with only a few bouts of expected irritability. Basically, my stomach is already shrunk from being on Nutrisystem for over two months now, so this round of Fast 5 has been MUCH easier. Having said that, I fully realize that my results from this seven-day kit will not be nearly as impressive as the first time around (check out those results here).

Please note: Nutrisystem does not recommend the use of the Fast 5 kit more than one time in any consecutive four week period.

Now for our Friday weigh-in! Jeff was out of state on business two weeks ago, so we’ll see if he was able to hold his ground after a week away from my stringent meal planning 😉

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -30.8
  • Month 2: -7.0
  • Week 9: -3.2
  • Week 10: -2.6
  • Overall Loss: – 43.6 pounds

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Month 1: -13.8
  • Month 2: -7.1
  • Week 9: -2.5
  • Week 10: -2.2
  • Overall Loss: – 25.6 pounds

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!


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