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mini style: Preppy Hipster

Super excited to start my BOOTD (Baby Outfit Of The Day) posts because I just love dressing my kids. All those adorable clothes out there just begging to be put together into cute little outfits, who can resist! Diligence pays off if you love to dress your kids in name brands but cannot stomach the dent in your pocket book. I have been thrifting, reselling and couponing the contents on my kids’ closets since my daughter was born 9 years ago. Of course I invest in the occasional splurge, though for the most part our kids clothing budget is just normal – and if we’re being completely honest, even lower than Walmart, Old Navy and JcPenney sale prices. This may surprise a lot of people, I know. It may not be worth it to everyone, thought it is worth it to me – it’s what I do and it’s what makes me tick, and I am very diligent to stay within our budget. To answer your question, can you really dress your kids in the latest name brands without spending an arm and a leg? Most certainly! More on that later, for now – here is my very first BOOTD. Enjoy!

BOOTD: Preppy Hipster. The Life of B Blog Plaid Bowtie One-Piece (Etsy) || Osh Kosh Boots (yard sale find) || Baby Gap Pull-on Straight Jeans in Red Wagon (currently on sale for $20.99) || Janie and Jack Cardigan (yard sale find)

BOOTD: Preppy Hipster. The Life of B Blog

Big sister actually put this outfit together for church last Sunday. Momma was proud, the girl knows her clothes! Here is little man Liam enjoying the lovely outdoors in his duds. My in-laws pulled up while we were taking pictures, they came to celebrate Jeff’s belated birthday and it was nice to visit with them on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon! They offered to take the kids for a walk to the park, of course we accepted – it felt wonderful to kick back and relax minus the kids for an hour.

BOOTD: Preppy Hipster - The Life of B Blog

Liam is teething today, I think those pesky top two are just about to pop through and little guy is just miserable. He did not want to be put down, so I put his amber beads on and situated him in the MobyGo. I so wish I could just lay around and cuddle him today but my to-do list awaits! Little guy got to help me blog today, and I had the rare opportunity to snuggle him – so it was a win win. I am really going to miss baby wearing…until next time 😉

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