52 Weeks of Meaningful Goals - Reading Novels

52 Weeks of Meaningful Goals: Reading Novels

52 Weeks of Meaningful Goals Besides losing weight, one of my important goals this year was to start reading substantial novels again. I have always been an avid reader, and love getting so deep into a book that I fall asleep reading. More than once I have been startled awake by a book crashing to the floor, or had to search through my bedding the following night to locate my current prose. I didn’t stop reading by choice, mainly the exhausting job of full-time mama chose that fate for me. On average, I last a total of 4.2 minutes in bed before I cannot keep my eyes open. Stark contrast to two years ago when I could read until 1:00 am – and even then had to literally force myself to just.put.the.book.down. You’ve all had those books – the ones that keep your so enthralled that you just cannot stop turning the pages for fear of missing some life-changing event. Back to 4.2 minutes. That is hardly enough time to consume 10 pages, never mind actually engage in a book or remember what I read the next night – basically this motherhood thing is making it extremely difficult to get engaged in my reading life again.

52 Weeks of Meaningful Goals - Reading Novels

For fear of losing my love of reading completely, I started to compensate by reading 1960’s & 70’s Reader’s Digest Condensed Books that I inherited from my late grandmother. Before I delve into the reading aspect, these books are my favorite totally groovy decorating pieces at this moment in time. Adorned in gorgeous metallics, retro designs and vintage hues, I love them so much that I started picking them up at thrift shops and yard sales. Now much to my husband’s chagrin, we have 100’s of them waiting for a permanent spot on “real” shelves in our pending grown-up home. I may have gone a teeny bit overboard, though I can never admit that to Jeff.52 Weeks of Meaningful Goals - Reading Novels

These condensed books fit the bill and perfectly fill my reading lust void. Since they are not too terribly in-depth, I can breeze through a story in a little over a week. The stories are usually entertaining, though I haven’t been able to fall in love with any characters yet. I really, truly miss my full-length paper fascinations.

So I made a date with the library tomorrow. I have been compiling a list of must-reads through various magazine and online sources, I actually pre-remembered a pen to write down the catalog ID’s AND my lonely library bag is laid out and ready to go! I’ve got a bad head cold, so I’m not actually going to be able to smell my favorite place, but being among the rows of literary genius is simply enough for me. It has been far too long, and I’m actually a little giddy to search the aisles. Happy hunting to me!

In addition to my 52 Weeks of Meaningful Goals, this post is a pre-premiere snippet of my upcoming Parenting Without Losing Your Sense of Self series. Check back frequently or subscribe to my posts in the right column!

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2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Meaningful Goals: Reading Novels

  1. Know what you mean! Just last week I realized that I need to get back to reading. As fun as it is to take care of an infant all day; I felt like I needed to sitimulate my mind a little more. Have missed reading so much and have already started my third book!

    • Lol, I totally hear you. I feel a little guilty at times that I’m not totally fulfilled just being mommy – though a few weeks ago I was fairly certain that my brain was starting to turn to mush, so I decided to take action. WOW starting on your third book since last week, go you!!

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