Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Review

*Disclaimer: I was not remunerated for this review. This item was purchased by me and this review is solely my opinion.

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Review | The Life of B Blog

If a diaper pail could be happy, the Ubbi would have a giant grin. Heck, I even smile every time I use it! Sleek, modern, available in pretty hues, petite, easy-to-use – what’s not to love?specs

Name: Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

How Much Does it Cost?: $79.00 USD

How Big Is It?: Across the bottom: width – 9″ length – 12.25″. Body (from the front): height – 21.5″ from bottom to top of handle.

Where to Buy: Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids, diapers.com, Nordstrom

What Makes Me An Expert: I have kids, one of them produces poopy diapers at this point in time, I hate the stench of rank poopy diapers and stale urine.

My Experience Prior To The Ubbi: I have used two pails. The first was a basic Diaper Genie (8 years ago). The unit was priced well, though the refills got very expensive. It was kind of a pain to use and empty, and there was always a dirty diaper odor lingering. With our son, I did not want to pay for those darn refills – so we purchased a stainless steel lidded trash can from Walmart and used regular trash bags. It worked superbly – until he started eating solids! A whiff of poo smacked me in the face every time I walked into his nursery. Obviously it was time to start the search for a reliable and stink-free replacement.

I always start my searches for products on Amazon, and ALMOST purchased another Diaper Genie Essentials – until this sleek contraption caught my eye. Enter: The Ubbi.


  • Made of powder-coated steel (does not absorb odors like plastic tends to)
  • Available in a wide variety of colors for every nursery design
  • Slim and petite
  • Has a child lock (so toddlers cannot go rummaging through dirty diapers)
  • Uses plain old standard kitchen bags (I LOVE this, no remembering to buy additional refills just to throw away a diaper). You can buy their biodegradable plastic bags if you so desire.
  • Cloth diaper friendly. You can purchase an Ubbi cloth diaper pail liner and use it with this dispenser. This is an awesome perk!
  • Contains the odor (read my addendum in the cons). Maybe I’m just used to the diaper stench you say? Here’s my personal proof: I forgot to change the pail before we left town for a long weekend, when I got back there was not even a hint of dirty diapers. Second example – my son was messing around and turned on the space heater in his room (it’s child safe – don’t worry!). It was pointed at the Ubbi for over an hour. When I opened the lid on the Ubbi later, the odor was horrific and the diapers were hot – when I closed it? Odor be gone! (after about a minute of course, odors just don’t evaporate)
  • It is obscure. Which is a good thing, I don’t want to walk into a nursery and immediately think “Wow check out that blatantly obvious diaper pail.” It just looks really nice and fits in with it’s surroundings.
  • Super simple to load and change the bags.
  • Award winning and seal of approval earning.


  • It is really lightweight, so when it is freshly emptied you cannot slide the lid one-handed while holding baby. I have gotten pretty adept at this, but if you try to slide the lid one-handed then you’ll most likely pick up the whole diaper pail while you’re at it :). UPDATE 3/12/14 – After publicizing this review, the extremely helpful staff at Ubbi personally contacted me advise of a fix for this con – one I would have been aware of if I was better at reading directions 😉 Basically, if you push down the lid slightly before sliding, it catches and opens smoothly with little to no effort, therefore making it easy to open one-handed (even when empty). I tried it out several times with an empty Ubbi and baby in one arm, worked like a charm! I am now happy to say that there is NOTHING that would bar me from buying the Ubbi – it is a fantastic product and well worth the money!
  • It is kind of unfair to say this one, but it is worth mentioning. Before I say it, just use a little common sense. Poopy diapers reek, and they smell even worse after several days contained with their other little poopy diaper friends. When you slide open the lid – you will be struck with a horrific odor. You know why it smells so bad? Because the Ubbi has been containing that smell and none of it has been released into your pretty little baby nursery. Which means it’s working – and working really well. Remedy? Just get really fast at the “slide, drop & slide” while aiming your nose elsewhere.
  • There are so many beautiful color choices that it will be hard to pick just one! I almost lost sleep over this one – seriously. Then my husband reeled me in and informed me that my life would go on regardless of whether I chose pistachio or white. We chose pistachio and I love love love it – though the white would have looked super cool as well. Like, the white is so sleek that it would coordinate with all of your Apple products. So I made him promise that he would let me buy the white if we are blessed with another child!

Overall Recommendation: BUY IT

Would love to hear your personal experience with the Ubbi or any pros and cons that I may have missed!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!




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