Nutrisystem Week 7: Build A Support System

One of the biggest mistakes when I did Nutrisystem the first time around was my “I don’t need no man” mentality. Like asking someone else for support was going to make me shrivel up and die. Yes, I did lose a lot of weight on my own – but I felt extremely isolated during that time. Well guess what, I obviously do need help and my weight loss journey is a lot less painful if I admit my weaknesses and reach out for every possible mentor! The Nutrisystem weight loss counselors have been a God send. Answering every question that my overactive brain can muster, (have I mentioned that I am a perfectionist?) offering support when the scale isn’t moving as quickly as I think it should, being a shoulder to cry on – you get the picture. I have mostly utilized the online chat function because I’m a typer kind of gal, though I have called Customer Service and chatted in real life a couple of times. In addition, I have perused a bit through the Nutrisystem online Weight Loss Community and Weight Loss Support Forums. There is a lot of very pertinent weight loss tidbits and advice out there, mostly Nutrisystem specific – though a lot of it is just common sense and completely relevant to everyone. It is a giant community and I have only had time to dip my toes in. Outside of Nutrisystem, I am surrounding myself with positive weight loss journeys and weight loss success stories. Why? Because these people obviously did and are doing something right. Their success and honestly are my motivation and if my support can help them succeed, then we both win – right? I have searched for people with pertinent journeys on Facebook (right now a handful of my favorites are Josh Jones, 2 Fit Mom Fitness, Weight Loss Motivation & Chalene Johnson) They are real people with a goal, like you and me. Having them show up on my newsfeed is a constant reminder of the direction that we are all headed.

The bottom line? Get proactive about your weight loss. Losing weight is so much more than just eating the right foods and getting complacent in your daily routine. Branch out, be a mentor for someone who is struggling with their weight, give compliments when someone in your midst is making good eating choices or looks like they have dropped a few pounds. I have thought about the times over the years that I have fallen off the weight-loss wagon, and I can directly pinpoint it back to lack of SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY. Ultimately I’m the one who decided to inhale that detrimental bag of chips, but where were the people that I should have turned to before I failed? If you form a network of people and resources that will lift you up when the temptations creep in, then that gives you another layer of armor against failure.

Here is our Friday weigh-in!

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -14.0
  • Week 2: -6.6
  • Week 3: -3.6
  • Week 4: -6.6
  • Month 1 Total: -30.8 pounds
  • Week 5: -1.8
  • Week 6: -5.0
  • Week 7: -0.2

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -9.3
  • Week 2: -0.4
  • Week 3: -2.5
  • Week 4: -1.6
  • Month 1 Total: -13.8 pounds
  • Week 5: -1.8
  • Week 6: -0.9
  • Week 7: -2.9

Yep, I successfully blew Jeff out of the water this week! A little friendly competition never hurts, right? The scale is still inching in the right direction! This blog has become part of our support system and we truly appreciate you taking the time to read about our journey. Have a blessed day!


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