Nutrisystem Week 5: Crunch Challenge

I begin to dread what is naturally going to be next in our journey … exercise. Now I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. Despite all my excuses, there really IS time in any day to devote to exercise – I just need to stop being so selfish and give a little bit of it up. On the other hand, Jeff has been verbally belligerent about the fact that he is not going to start an exercise routine any time soon – so I knew I had to find a way to sneak it in somehow. Since we are both such whiners about exercising, we are starting small – I mean really small. Have to find motivation somewhere, right? Enter the CRUNCH CHALLENGE!

One night last week, after our evening meal, a lightbulb went off in my mind and I demanded that Jeff and I do daily crunches together. He balked, but this was non-negotiable and we both hit the floor. Jeff is starting at 10 reps, I started at 20 reps. Every week for the duration of our Nutrisystem journey, we will add one crunch.

The kids think it is hilarious, Emry counts our reps for us and Liam crawls all over Jeff. So there’s my little tip of the day: Start small, find time for a fitness minute to start the habit of exercising. If your “fitness minute” is fun – you will find time for it! Yes our crunch challenge is small – but no one becomes a body builder by sitting on the couch, thus we had to start somewhere! It is a step in the right direction and motivating us to bigger and better things while including our family in our journey.

Now for the weekly weigh-in! As an added monthly Baier (buy-er) Bonus, check out my next post for our current measurements and progress photos!

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -14.0
  • Week 2: -6.6
  • Week 3: -3.6
  • Week 4: -6.6
  • Month 1 Total: -30.8 pounds
  • Week 5: -1.8

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -9.3
  • Week 2: -0.4
  • Week 3: -2.5
  • Week 4: -1.6
  • Month 1 Total: -13.8 pounds
  • Week 5: -1.8

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading!


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