Nutrisystem Week 4: Customizing Our Menus

As of today, Jeff and I have officially completed month one of our Nutrisystem weight loss adventure. For the most part thus far it has been virtually painless. Definitely beginning to form an opinion about the Nutrisystem foods. For one, I truly dislike the bars. They taste okay – fudge graham is probably the best. Though after I eat one for a meal, I kind of want to say, “that’s it?” The bar is definitely the one meal that is a stark reminder that we are on a diet, and I really do not like those reminders! Also not a big fan of any of the tomato-based meals. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. 

Depending on the meal plan you buy, Nutrisystem provides the option to customize your meals. This is a must-have perk in my opinion! I was worried that customizing it too much might affect the plan’s efficacy, so I contacted a Nutrisystem weight-loss counselor via the online chat function. She assured me that no matter how many favorite foods I choose, I would still lose weight (*sigh of relief!*) because all of the entrees have similar calorie values. I kept a few bars in the mix because every once in a while we do travel and it is nice to have that flexibility. It took me about 15 minutes to customize my menu, and I had a brighter outlook on next month’s food choices when I was done! I sat down with Jeff to help him customize his order – oddly he chose everything that I had nixed from my list. We are polar opposites – thank goodness opposites attract!

Last night we got together with one of our couple friends for a dinner date. I admit I was a little panicky. My first true test of whether or not I’ve got the willpower to A. not overeat and B. stay on the plan without a hitch after eating real, yummy food. I am happy to say that Jeff and I passed with flying colors AND I had enough calories leftover to still eat my Nutrisystem dessert when we got home. We are winning! Our restaurant of choice was Applebee’s and I am now a raving fan of their 550-calories or less menu. I chose the Napa Chicken With Portobellos. I will say that one thing I miss when I’m eating Nutrisystem is real food flavor. I think it would make all the difference in the world if I was better at cooking vegetables with spices, garlic, etc.

That leads me to the question of the day – do you have any tips for cooking really tasty vegetables without butter and oil?

Almost forgot – our Friday weight results are below:

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -14.0
  • Week 2: -6.6
  • Week 3: -3.6
  • Week 4: -6.6
  • Month 1 Total: -30.8 pounds

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -9.3
  • Week 2: -0.4
  • Week 3: -2.5
  • Week 4: -1.6
  • Month 1 Total: -13.8 pounds

Right now I am incredibly proud of our weight loss results. Here’s to another good month!

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading!



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2 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Week 4: Customizing Our Menus

  1. My husband only lost 10 lbs the 1st 6 weeks. He’s on 1500 calories and never cheated. The counselor told him he needed to add more food. What? He needs to (still) lose around 70 lbs. I lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks. I need to lose about 30-40 more.

    • Congratulations on your weight loss Colleen! That’s awesome. I know it does seem backwards but sometimes if you restrict calories too much then the body goes into starvation mode and won’t burn fat as quickly. You might be surprised, but if he adds in some calories he might actually start losing more quickly. Best of luck, I hope it works out well for you guys!!

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