Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month-Old Boy)

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Liam is excited to open his first Bluum Box!

Disclosure | this page contains referral links that can also benefit you. I paid for this box myself and was not compensated for this review. Promo discount offer is at the end of this post.

What was in Bluum Box February 2014?

Just received our very first Bluum Box via USPS this afternoon. The delivery man actually waited until I got to the door to hand deliver it to me, talk about service! Liam and I waited until sister got home after school to open it. Who knew that getting mail could be so darn exciting!?

I carefully chose Bluum Box based on their ratings and other mommy blog reviews, so do your due diligence to make sure this subscription box is a good fit for your family before shelling out the cash! You can also read more about Bluum Box at their website here.

Bluum Box is a monthly subscription box service. They hand pick new goodies for mommy and kiddos ages 0-5. The content in each box is based on the age, gender and developmental stages of your child. Bluum Box also features a really stellar and easy-to-use referral program, one of the best I have seen so far. Refer Bluum Box to friends and family, and you will receive FREE boxes in return.

So what was in our box?

*Note: My price comparisons reflect the best bargain per item that I can find on the internet in order to determine if the Bluum Box is truly worth the cost.

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Bluum Box | February 2014

We received the email that our box shipped on 2/18. We just received it today 2/25.

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Bluum Box Information Note

They included a large cardstock note that outlined their referral program, and what age the box was geared toward.

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup with Dual Handles

№ 1. Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup with Dual Handles ($9.99) 12+ Months. Voted Product of the Year in 2012. BPA free, silicone straw. The handles are bendable and are a nice size & shape. They will be easy for Liam to grasp. This little cup rocks and rolls like a toy, I anticipate this will be a lot of fun at mealtime!

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Manhattan Toy Cozies Small Dog

№ 2. Manhattan Toy Cozies Small Dog (Currently on sale for $6.50 from $13.00). Liam grabbed onto his new cozies soft toy and hasn’t let go since we opened the box. This pup is silky soft, cuddly and has a happy face. As a rule, we do not buy stuffed animals. Though after seeing Liam’s reaction, I’m willing to make an exception this time around 🙂

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Baby Ecos Stain & Odor Remover

№ 3. Baby ECOS Stain & Odor Remover – 4 oz. This is apparently a sample size because I cannot find this size sold anywhere on the internet. A 22 oz bottle is $3.99 from Bed, Bath & Beyond, which puts this little bottle’s worth at approximately 73 cents. Looking forward to trying this plant-based, formaldehyde free, petrochemical free formula. It is also pH balanced, good for cloth diapering.

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream

№ 4. Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream – 1 oz ($10.19). 100% Certified Natural Baby Care, now I like the sound of that! I like that it is safe for lips, and works to protect delicate skin from “cold, wind and harsh weather” Excited about this little tube, Liam and Emry are prone to raw chapped cheeks in the winter and it makes me cringe. Can’t wait to see how well this works!

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month Old Boy) | The Life of B Blog
Oscillococcinum Sample

№ 5. Oscillococcinum (Sample – FREE). Also includes a $1.00 off coupon on the back. I probably will not use this, so I am not going to add the $1.00 back into the value of the box. Oscillo is a homeopathic medicine that claims to reduce the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms. We simply don’t have a whole lot of illness at our house, I will keep this in the medicine drawer in the event that we should need to try it.

In all, I received five items with a total value of $27.41. Since it was my first box, I only paid $12.47.

Total Items: 5

Total Value: $27.41

What I Paid: $12.47

Total Savings: $14.94

Overall, I can’t help but admit this box was a little lackluster and a bit too close to retail value for comfort, though based on reading many other mommy experiences, I have great faith in the Bluum Box brand. Every single brand in the box was new to me and has piqued my interest. The Oscillo was the only potential dud, at least for our family needs. Based on this experience, I will be extending my membership for a year and am looking forward to more fun discoveries! What was in your February 2014 box?

If you are interested in trying out Bluum Box, sign up here for 50% off your first box via my referral link! I really love this perk for new users. If you are on the fence, it is a great way to test drive this subscription box service without paying a premium price.

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading!



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