Weekly Dose of {B} Informed – 2/24/14

Ok ya’ll – this is the premiere dose of {B} Informed, coming right up! Each weekly post will be a quick snippet of newsworthy stories from the past week. Get your current events fix in a tiny portion of your free time. Please feel free to chime in, would love to hear your take on these incidents!

№ 1. School lunch supplier closed by USDA reopens, some Hot Pockets recalled
This one is a double whammy – potentially affecting school children and the food in your freezer! This company supplies approximately 16% of beef for federal school nutrition programs, and also for Nestle USA (maker of Hot Pockets) – hence the recall. On Monday 2/17, the company was shut down due to unsanitary conditions. By Thursday it was reopened after taking corrective measures. I don’t know about you – but that seems awful fast for a large company to fix errors that were so horrible that they resulted in a shut down! Check your batch codes if you have any Hot Pocket Philly Cheesesteak varieties currently in your freezer!

№ 2. Oregon teens torture classmate, cut swastika into his head
This horrific event occurred on 2/10, though the teens involved were just charged on 2/19, which caused this story to resurface. Although we will never know all the details, what really sickens me is that even if the scars do heal, this child will bear the fear and pain of being tortured for the rest of his life. Senseless crimes are hard to wrap my head around. Do you think the perpetrator even understood the full weight and relevance of what a swastika stands for?

№ 3. IKEA Discontinues Beloved Shelf, prompts Internet fury
The fallout for this bold move has been astounding. Who knew there was seriously so much love out there for the EXPEDIT? Anyone who has been on Pinterest lately knows that it is an especially loved piece of furniture in the mommy circles. Poor Ikea – they try to make a stellar product even more fabulous by ONLY replacing the corners with rounded edges to make it safer for kids and they are seriously getting kicked while they are down! IKEA will sell them until they are sold out – so if you can’t live without the EXPEDIT, you have until April 1st when its predecessor the KALLAX hits stores! I just hope they come out with a new version of the desk, I’ve had my eye on it for some time now….

№ 4. Maria von Trapp, last of famous singing siblings, dies at 99
In light of the recent Broadway rendition of The Sound of Music, I thought this was an interesting tidbit. The Sound of Music was based on the real life von Trapp family, and Maria was the last surviving member. We are big fans of the movie and musical at our house, so I felt a little melancholy after hearing this news! What a lovely family they must have been in person 🙂

№ 5. World’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin Arrested
Wish I felt a little more hopeful after reading this one – kudos to everyone who invested all the hard work and overtime to capture this monster, I hope all the charges stick and he serves much time for his crimes. The war on drugs just seems like a never ending battle, another kingpin will be crowned and drugs will continue to flow.

And now for your….weeklydoseofridiculous

Big Bag Of Weed Donated To Salvation Army
Whoops! Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake – who knows! Good grief, either way I’m sure it made for a few laughs.

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