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Eight Ways To Save Money On Nutrisystem | The Life of B Blog

I am a very savvy deal-seeker and daily search for ways to make shopping more budget-friendly for my family. It was no different when we joined Nutrisystem. I sought out to find every possible way to save money on the program. With a little diligence, Nutrisystem can easily fit into your budget and most likely be even cheaper than your current regular monthly food budget. No, I am not just blowing smoke, I practice what I preach and currently have our food budget down to about half of what we were spending on average in 2013. Here are eight tips to help you pay a discounted price for Nutrisystem:

1. Join the Nutrisystem free online community.

This is not an instant way to save money, if you sign up for the community then special deals will periodically be emailed to you. You must be patient after you sign up, and be willing to wait for a special promotion that you cannot refuse.

2. Find out if your health insurance offers a Nutrisystem discount.

We have Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina and receive 12% off each 28-day auto delivery order. Contact Nutrisystem at 1-800-435-4074Β to see if your health insurance participates. Ask the following question, “I need to find out if I qualify for a discount through my health insurance” and they will direct you through the proper channels.

3. Locate a $30 Nutrisystem referral discount.

Anyone who is currently using Nutrisystem online can send you a referral promo email for $30 off your first purchase. It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t ask me πŸ™‚ though if you want follow this linkΒ (link updated 10/11/20), comment below or send me your email address here I will promptly get you signed up for the $30 off!

4. Use a cash-back web service such as Mr. Rebates, Extrabux,Β EbatesΒ or Fat Wallet.

As of 1/1/17, Ebates does participate, they did not for many years! The percent of cash back that each site offers fluctuates, so shop around to find the best rate. I believe they all only offer cash back on your first purchase, and do not apply to recurring auto-delivery orders. I received $54.00 back from my first order using Mr. Rebates.

5. Join Costco.

There will be an up-front fee, currently their membership rate is $55. Costco sells $100 gift cards for $79.99, and twice a year they go on deeper discount for $50 apiece. Here is a little quick math. Jeff and I spend roughly $600 on Nutrisystem a month. This is what my first order from costco.com looked like:

Costco Gold Star Membership = $55

(6) $100 Nutrisystem gift cards = $479.94

First Order Total = $534.94

On my very first order, I saved $65.06 off the retail value of Nutrisystem food. Next order, I will not have to pay the $55 membership fee, so my savings will be $120.06 off the retail value of Nutrisystem food. Not bad at all. Again, keep an eye out for the $50 Nutrisystem gift card sale at Costco for deeper savings.

6. After you join.

Nutrisystem offers a “50 Clicks Reward” promotion for VIP members. If you visit their Daily Dose page and click a special image on the page on 50 separate days, then they will email you a $10 off coupon code. To remember to visit the site and click for 50 days is not worth it to me for $10, though free money is free money!

A few off the beaten path suggestions:

7. Are you a blogger?

Sign up for the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program to receive free food in exchange for weekly blog posts. You must qualify for this program, and I do not know what their requirements consist of. Email Nutrisystem here to find out how to join:Β nsnation@nutrisystem.com. Note: To date, they have not emailed me back – will update this if I hear back!

If you do not get chosen to join the #nsnation Blogger Program, blog about your Nutrisystem journey anyway! Offer ample opportunities for readers to use your $30 referral discount, each $30 you earn in return will decrease the amount you pay for your Nutrisystem!

8. Utilize Costco, Walmart & eBay

  • Cosco offers a discount on Nutrisystem food (I do not know how good the discount is, I have only shopped online and never in the store).
  • Walmart sells 5-day packs of food around $45.00 depending on where you buy if you want to sample Nutrisystem without taking the pocketbook plunge. They also sell separate bars, muffins, shakes, etc. for less than you can buy them for from Nutrisystem.
  • You can score some sweet discounts on eBay by scouring the multitude of auctions and buy-it-now listings. Nutrisystem was recently sold out of their protein shakes at $12.00 a box, I won an auction for a brand new box of chocolate shakes for $6.49. eBay is totally worth it if you have the time and/or willpower to devote to finding a deal. NOTE: Many of the items being sold are expired or close to it, don’t be afraid to ask the sellers what the expiration dates on the food are!

If you apply one, a few, or all of these suggestions – you will save money off of the retail value of Nutrisystem meal plans. Losing weight AND saving money? Count me in! I would love to hear if you have any other ideas or tips to save money on Nutrisystem!

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading!


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138 thoughts on “8 Ways To Save Money On Nutrisystem

  1. Want to try ns. Was wondering how can i get discount alongwith costcos ns gift card. Also how much one looses in a month. Is it worth the money .

    Thanks so muuch.

    • Ash,

      I sent you a $30 discount coupon from Nutrisystem – you will need to use the same email address to sign up for your Nutrisystem account to be eligible. That is the only other discount that I know of at this time in addition to all the other ways to save money that I outlined in this blog post. How much you lose in a month solely depends on your starting weight and sticking to the plan. I believe Nutrisystem is the worth the money but it’s not a long term solution by any means. Thanks for reading and best of luck with whatever you decide!!

    • Melikka,

      I emailed a coupon to you via the Nutrisystem website. You will need to sign up using the email address that I sent it to in order to be eligible. Thank you for asking and good luck on your journey!

    • No problem Sylvia! I sent a coupon from the Nutrisystem website to your email address. Best of luck on your journey, let me know if you have any trouble with the coupon.

  2. Thanks for the tips on saving some bucks on nutrisystem, im interested in the 30 off coupon if you still ofer it. Thanks

    • You are very welcome! I tried to send you a coupon and it said your account is already active with Nutrisystem so it could not send one to you because the coupon is for new members only. Sorry about that!

    • Thanks for stopping in Anna! My overall opinion of Nutrisystem is that it works and works quickly when followed to a T, but there is not much room for deviation from the menu and it’s difficult to return to “normal” eating without consulting a nutritionist for the best way to add in calories without gaining quickly. This is the same with many other diets so it’s not a poor reflection on NS. That being said, I was very pleased with the variety of foods you are allowed and encouraged to eat and found Nutrisystem rather easy to stick with without feeling deprived. There is a Buddy Bucks referral system, if someone uses the Buddy Bucks that you send them towards their first order then you get $30 off any Nutrisystem purchase. To date, I have only had one person use the Buddy Bucks that I sent to them but it is a great incentive to cut costs on the meals plans!

  3. Hi Becka,

    Thank you for your tips on this, very helpful! I sent you a previous message yesterday but my iPad was acting up and shut down, not absoluelty sur eif received the first message; my apologies for a repeat message.

    If you are still offering the $30.00 referrals, would you be so kind as to send me one via email?

    Email: naomi_alvarado@yahoo.com

    Thank you kindly!

    • Naomi – I did not get your message yesterday! Technology can be a bear sometimes πŸ™‚ I tried to send you the coupon code and it wouldn’t go through because it said you already have an active Nutrisystem account. Hope you found a code to use – thank you for stopping by!

    • Juliana – you are very welcome! I sent the discount through the Nutrisystem website, let me know if you don’t receive it! Thank you for sharing that Ebates is now including Nutrisystem – I have noticed that they periodically add websites to their cash back program, this is great news for Nutrisystem users!! Best of luck πŸ™‚

  4. Hi there,
    Just read your post. Thanks for the ideas.
    About to start ns. Would you happen to have the 30$ code?
    Thank you!!


  5. So, I signed up for a free account on the Nutrisystem website but have not ordered anything, am I not able to use the $30 code because I signed up before having the code? I saw where you said previously that you tried to send it to someone but it wouldn’t go through because it said they already had a account.

    • I believe that an active account means that you have already placed your first order. I was able to send you a coupon code, let me know if you have any problems receiving it. Thanks for reading and best of luck on your journey! I would love to hear how it goes πŸ™‚

      • My husband and I are both going to sign up for nutrisystems. is it possible to get a $30 code for each of us? We can use the code and the costco gifts card both can’t we?

        • Yes you can use both the code and the Costco gift cards! You will have to sign up under separate accounts to each use a $30 code. I have sent a code to your name and email, leave another comment under his name and email and I’ll send that one too. Thank you and best of luck to you both!!

  6. I would love to start NS can you send me the $30 off coupon? Thank you for sharing all of this great info!!

  7. Hi. I’m really willing to give nutrisystem a try especially if I can do it while cutting costs. Thank you for all the amazing tips! Would you be willing to send me a 30 dollar referral email? Also what has your experience been like with nutrisystem’s auto delivery method? Does it save you money compared to just buying for one month?

    I appreciate any support you might be able to provide.


    • Of course! I am so glad to hear you are interested. I sent the coupon code this morning. When I first started Nutrisystem, they used to offer a % off every additional month with the auto-delivery method. I do not know if they do it anymore but it is definitely worth looking into. Best of luck and thank you for stopping by!

    • Thank you for stopping by! I tried to send you the coupon code but it said that your account was already active and I was not able to. Sorry about that! Best of luck with Nutrisystem!

  8. Do you know if the Costco gift card can be used with QVC? I called them and they did not know.

    QVC sells discounted Nutrisystem packages.

  9. I would LOVE a referral code if you’re still doing them πŸ™‚ I’ve already got a Nutrisystem account from previous orders I’ve placed here and there, so hopefully it would still work. Also, when does the referral code expire? Wanna get that Costco membership this weekend before I place an order πŸ˜› Thanks in advance if you can provide a code! πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely!! I sent the code via the Nutrisystem website, let me know if you have any trouble redeeming it. The Costco membership was my biggest money saver so good call on doing that πŸ™‚ Thank you and good luck!

  10. I would love a coupon code as well. I did nutrisystem before my wedding 8 years ago and it worked great. Now 3 kids later its time to get back on it again. Thank you for all of this great information!

    • Hello! I tried to send you a coupon but it said you already have a pending coupon sent from someone else and it wouldn’t let me send you a new one. Sorry about that! So glad to hear you were successful once before – best of luck this go around!

  11. Hi there! Could you send me the $39 referral coupon! I’m taking the plunge, and your honest review was so helpful! Thanks!

    • I am so glad to hear it was helpful! Thank you for stopping by to read it πŸ™‚ I emailed the referral to you via the Nutrisystem website, if you have any trouble with it let me know. Best wishes for success with the program!

  12. I have been on nutrisystem for months have lost lbs and have been buying the discount cards from costco. I went to costco today and was told they are no longer carrying the $100.00 gift cards for $79.99 they have phased them out. I called nutrisystem and they knew nothing about this but did look into it and found out it was a fact,but were unwilling to help out with the price to keep me on the plan got i am sorry excuse.

    • I’m sorry to hear that they were not willing to help you out with the price, that does make it substantially more expensive! Costco will likely run specials on the gift cards at some point throughout the year (possibly during the holidays and beginning of the year) so it’s worth it to keep an eye out!

    • Hi Cami! I’m so sorry – I got behind with the holiday. I tried to send you the coupon code and it said your account was already active so I could no longer send it. Congratulations on starting the program, best of luck!!

  13. I’m considering starting Nutrisystem, and I logged on yesterday with a username and password. Does that mean I am not eligible for the Buddy Bucks? If so, I will log on as a different user!!

    I’m going to check into the rebates programs as well as Costco. Right now they’re at the $70 price, but I’ll keep checking and hopefully catch them at a time when they are also at the $50 price.


    • Hello! I sent you a coupon code from their website, I don’t know if you’ll still be eligible but hope it works for you and best of luck with the plan!! I believe if you haven’t placed an order yet, you are still eligible.

      • Thanks!! I went ahead and called Nutrisystem, talked them into giving me the Buddy discount using your name and email, and my first order has arrived. I will try to figure out how to use the Costco card for my 2nd order. Thank you so much for your suggestions!!

  14. Hi

    I would like a promo code for $30 off as well – it may not work because I did try nutrisystem some years back so I may already be in their system. Its worth a shot. Thanks

    • Hi Laura! Thank you for requesting a coupon, I sent it via the Nutrisystem website. Let me know if you have any trouble redeeming the coupon. Best wishes, you’ll do great!

  15. I was doing some last minute research before ordering and came across your blog. Thanks for the great tips! I am a Costco member and was wondering if you could use multiple discounts at once. Thanks for answering that for me! πŸ™‚ I would love a coupon if you could send one!!

  16. Hi. Thank you so much for all the tips!!! My husband and I have been wanting to try Nutrisystem but the cost kept up from it. I am going to try to utilize as many as these tips I can to make it happen.

    Could you please send the $30 discount coupon?

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Julia! Thank you so much for stopping by. I sent the coupon to you via the Nutrisystem website. I completely understand how the cost can be prohibitive, I hope you can make it work. Best wishes to you and your husband, you will do great!

  17. Hi can you let me know how to get coupon. Also I get the $100 coupons for $80 for nutriaystem. Can I use this $30 coupon in addition to the 80 coupon I already am using. Can you use two coupons on the same order if so can you send me info on how I can get the $30 discount thanks do much 08ripperbaseball@gmail.com

    • Hello Ed! What a great deal to get so many coupons! I emailed you the coupon from the Nutrisystem website. You will have to call Nutrisystem customer service to see if you can combine the coupons, let me know if you have any trouble!

    • Hello Vanessa! No, they never did email me back after multiple attempts to contact them about the program. I’m sorry I don’t have any further information to share with you about it. Let me know if you have any luck getting ahold of them about the program, it would definitely be an easy way to save money on the meal plans!


  18. If you use the costco coupon for a 28 day plan can you also use a Groupon for the automatic monthly plan weekends free? So I already have an account can I use a Groupon for next month?

  19. You just saved me so much money!!! Went to the costco website, bought 6 months of ns gift cards at 40% off the regular price. That is seriously going to save me $800 over six months.

  20. Hello,
    Can u be so kind and send me the $30.00 coupon? Also, I have seen Groupon offer of 40% off auto delivery but have had no success in getting the code. Can both offers be used? And could u assist me on how to get the code for 40% off.thank you so very much!!

    • For some reason, Nutrisystem is no longer allowing me to give out referrals. I have contacted them to no avail. I am super bummed by this because I have really loved being to help people out. I’m really sorry, I don’t know anything about the 40% coupon. Have you contacted NS customer service? Thank you for stopping by and best of luck with the program!

      • I have a $50 code that you can use! I started Nutrisystem a month ago to help me lose leftover baby weight. I have been very pleased with the results and the food taste better than I thought it would ! I am not a sales person for the company but I do want to share things that I learned to help me afford for the program. Here’s a link to save $50 immediately. If you have Blue Cross and Blue Shield you can request an additional monthly discount as well.
        http://my.nutrisystem.com/x/apvRwl. SAVE$50 link… New customers also get 40% off! You can buy Costco nutrisystem gift cards for $59 that have a face value of $100! This is the time to join if you have been thinking about it. If you have questions feel free to ask…

    • For some reason, Nutrisystem is no longer allowing me to give out referrals. I have contacted them to no avail. I am super bummed by this because I have really loved being to help people out. Thank you for stopping by and best of luck with the program!

  21. I am interested in receiving your 30.00 referral discount. I’m going to sign up for Nutrisystem. If u still have this deal available, could you please send to Cherie at red.cherie9@gmail.com?
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    • For some reason, Nutrisystem is no longer allowing me to give out referrals. I have contacted them to no avail. I am super bummed by this because I have really loved being to help people out. Thank you for stopping by and best of luck with the program!

  22. How many discounts can be used at one time & types? I am assuming you can use as many nitrisystem Costco cards online as you buy. Is that correct? The Costco card says “cannot be combined with any prior discount or offer”, so does that mean you can use them with current discounts or offers?

    • Hey Mischa! You can use as many Costco cards as you have. The gift cards are “money” so I believe you can still combine with any current deal that is going on. If the website doesn’t let you, be sure to call customer service.

  23. I Appreciate all the tips on this blog!!! I came across it before I started the program which help me find out about the Blue Cross discounts AND super cheap Costco cards. I would love to keep helping other people and pay it forward!!! I would not have been able to afford without this info and your help!! Thank! You!!!

  24. I will be starting my second month soon so if there is any way I can save money I would appreciate it. Thanks michelle

  25. I ordered NS online for two months at $250. per month. Expensive but I did lose 26 pounds in 2 months. Took December off and just came down acknowledge from Walmart after buying two boxes of NSYSTEMS 10 meals for $45. There was a $5.00 coupon attached. So 2 weeks cost me $78.00…A 30 day supply will cost $158. vs $250. good deal. These boxes contain a 5 day supply as does the regular online food. will go back in 2 weeks and pick up another 2 week supply.

  26. Ebates as of 1/11/17 does give back at 7.5%. Also, not sure if this is true or not, but I talked to a Nutrisystem rep. and she said one does not have to buy a Costco membership to buy Nutrisystem egift cards – might not hurt investigating this. I’m already a member, but thought that might help someone. And thanks for the info on health insurance giving a discount – at the moment, BCBS is giving 40% off vs online price of 30% off.

    I am on my 5th day of Nutrisystem from QVC’s sale on 1/1/2017 with Marie Osmond for $199. I really enjoy it. And if someone does not like it after 30 days, you can call QVC up and you get 100% of your money back – not true when buying directly from Nutrisystem. You can still get this product at QVC, but it is not a “Today’s Special Value”, so the price is $40 higher.

    I love not thinking about what I’m making, counting points, etc. My kids love helping me pick out what I get to eat each day. All I shop for is veggies. My second week I get to add some more protein and fruit.

    I really wish someone would share when they got the Costco Cards at 50% off. I don’t want to miss this sale.

    The only thing I don’t like about Nutrisystem is the sales department. You can tell they work on commission. I had a New Jersey male rep (total meathead) ask me why I was calling him vs a salesperson that I had already talked with – ummm… it was a very easy, quick question and her line was busy!

    I’ve only been on this program for 5 days, but it has been the easiest for me than all others. The food tastes like Lean Cuisines if that helps anyone decide or not. Portions are smaller, but you can eat all the non-starchy veggies you want.

    • Hey Lisa! The rebate percentage fluctuates weekly and sometimes daily on Ebates, just have to keep an eye out for the best deal. I’ve seen it go as high as 10%. Yes, that is certainly true – you can purchase gift cards without a Costco membership, though they charge non-members an additional surcharge which negates some of the savings. I found that purchasing a membership yielded the highest savings for me.

      Congratulations on starting the program, you’ll do awesome!!

    • Hello Pete! I’m so sorry – Nutrisystem no longer allows me to send out the code because I’m no longer a current customer. If you get on the Nutrisytem website and read through the forums there always seems to be something looking to give away a code!

  27. Currently, Nutrisystem through Costco has $100 e-gift cards for $54.99. I tried to order 10 (the maximum) e-gift cards (for a total of $549.90) through Costco, but about 20 minutes later I rec’d an e-mail stating that the order was canceled. I tried several more times and still no luck. I contacted Costco and they could not figure out why the orders did not go through. They told me to wait 24 hours and see if the order process would work. I tried today (3/25/17) and once again I rec’d an e-mail stating that the order had been canceled. I have sent Costco an e-mail tonight to ask what the heck is going on. I love Nutrisystem and $54.99 for a $100 e-gift card is a bargain. Anyone experience this, too?

  28. I like your blog and the information you gave about nutrisystem. I’m very interested in the $30 coupon, because I want to start the nutrisystem program. One question. Can I use the coupon if I order it from Walmart? Thanks

    • Hey Diana! I’m so sorry – I no longer have the $30 coupon. I hope that you found one, if not please let me know and I’ll help you look for an active coupon to use! Unfortunately the $30 Nutrisystem coupon is only valid on their website, not at Walmart.

  29. Hello, thank you for the info. I have a question. If I sign up for NS using Costco gift cards with my first purchase, for subsequent monthly shipments, is there a way to apply more Costco gift cards or not because they charge my cc automatically? thank you in advance

    • That is a very good question – when we were actively using the program, there was a way to apply new forms of payment before it was charged every month. I did pay for multiple months with those cards so I know it was possible at least back then. Might be good to call NS Customer Service to find out how to do that. Would be awesome if you can post what you find here in the comments. Thank you! Best wishes with your Nutrisystem journey!

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