Nutrisystem Week 7: Build A Support System

One of the biggest mistakes when I did Nutrisystem the first time around was my “I don’t need no man” mentality. Like asking someone else for support was going to make me shrivel up and die. Yes, I did lose a lot of weight on my own – but I felt extremely isolated during that time. Well guess what, I obviously do need help and my weight loss journey is a lot less painful if I admit my weaknesses and reach out for every possible mentor! The Nutrisystem weight loss counselors have been a God send.

Bluum Box | February 2014 Review (13-Month-Old Boy)

Disclosure | this page contains referral links that can also benefit you. I paid for this box myself and was not compensated for this review. Promo discount offer is at the end of this post. What was in Bluum Box February 2014? Just received our very first Bluum Box via USPS this afternoon. The delivery man actually waited until I got to the door to hand deliver it to me, talk about service! Liam and I waited until sister got home after school to open it. Who knew that getting mail could be so darn exciting!? I carefully chose Bluum Box based on their ratings and other mommy blog reviews, so do your due diligence to make sure this subscription box is a good fit for your family before shelling out the cash! You can also read more about Bluum Box at their website here. Bluum Box is a monthly subscription box service. They hand pick new goodies for mommy and

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Weekly Dose of {B} Informed – 2/24/14

Ok ya’ll – this is the premiere dose of {B} Informed, coming right up! Each weekly post will be a quick snippet of newsworthy stories from the past week. Get your current events fix in a tiny portion of your free time. Please feel free to chime in, would love to hear your take on these incidents! № 1. School lunch supplier closed by USDA reopens, some Hot Pockets recalled This one is a double whammy – potentially affecting school children and the food in your freezer! This company supplies approximately 16% of beef for federal school nutrition programs, and also for Nestle USA (maker of Hot Pockets) – hence the recall. On Monday 2/17, the company was shut down due to unsanitary conditions. By Thursday it was reopened after taking corrective measures. I don’t know about you – but that seems awful fast for a large company to fix errors that were so horrible that they resulted in a shut

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Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Review

*Disclaimer: I was not remunerated for this review. This item was purchased by me and this review is solely my opinion. If a diaper pail could be happy, the Ubbi would have a giant grin. Heck, I even smile every time I use it! Sleek, modern, available in pretty hues, petite, easy-to-use – what’s not to love? Name: Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail How Much Does it Cost?: $79.00 USD How Big Is It?: Across the bottom: width – 9″ length – 12.25″. Body (from the front): height – 21.5″ from bottom to top of handle. Where to Buy: Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids,, Nordstrom What Makes Me An Expert: I have kids, one of them produces poopy diapers at this point in time, I hate the stench of rank poopy diapers and stale urine. My Experience Prior To The Ubbi: I have used two pails. The first was a basic Diaper Genie (8 years ago). The unit was priced well, though

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Citrus Lane | February 2014 Review (13-Month-Old Boy)

*Disclosure | this page contains referral links. I paid for this box myself and was not compensated for this review. Promo discount offer is at the end of this post. What was in Citrus Lane February 2014? Yippee! We received our very first Citrus Lane box on Saturday via FedEx SmartPost (delivered via USPS). Since we were out of town, we got it off the porch last night and my oldest (9 year-old girl) has been begging to open it since she woke up this morning. It was like receiving an early birthday present for the whole family! Having read lots of reviews, I basically knew what to expect with this subscription. I recommend you do some review research as well, or read more about Citrus Lane here to find out if it is a good fit for your wants as well! Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription service that sends a box of (four or more) boutique kid and mom-related items from

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Weight Loss Memoires: Month 1 Measurements & Progress Photos

Welcome to our first edition of the Baier (buy-er) Bonus! Weigh-ins are encouraging, but watching the inches disappear and the bodies shrink is the icing on the cake. Monthly, Jeff and I will (reluctantly) model for our progress photos and I will also be posting how many inches we have lost. We are putting it all out there folks, no holds barred. It’s still early in the game, but as we get smaller I will post comparison photos 🙂 We appreciate all the kind words and motivation – thank you for watching the Baier’s shrink! (If you happened to miss our “before” photos, find them here)

Nutrisystem Week 5: Crunch Challenge

I begin to dread what is naturally going to be next in our journey … exercise. Now I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. Despite all my excuses, there really IS time in any day to devote to exercise – I just need to stop being so selfish and give a little bit of it up. On the other hand, Jeff has been verbally belligerent about the fact that he is not going to start an exercise routine any time soon – so I knew I had to find a way to sneak it in somehow.