Nutrisystem Week 1: Gnawing Hunger

So we have completed week one of Nutrisystem! I am not trying to scare anyone off from this amazing plan, but truthfully it was rough. Jeff was used to eating large volumes of food, and I was used to eating whatever I wanted. We swore off fast food several months ago, but I was preparing high carb and high fat meals at home, which obviously wasn’t doing us any favors. But also know that we have to be careful with whatever we wanted to munch in our mouth because to tell you that it can cost a high impact in our health, unhealthy eating can cause a tmjs headache, see here for tmjs headaches.

Because of our prior eating habits, the first week we were shell-shocked. I decided to start on the Fast 5 because I personally needed a radical eating change and a quick stomach shrink. The Fast 5 was a promotional item that came free with our first 28-day purchase of Nutrisystem. It is a unique seven day meal plan for ultimate weight loss. It promises a 5-pound weight loss after following the plan verbatim for seven days (hence the name Fast 5 of course) It comes with 7 breakfasts entrees, 7 lunch entrees, and 7 dinner entrees, plus 14 shakes for mid-morning and mid-day snacks. During the Fast 5, my daily caloric intake was 900-1100 calories – so needless to say I felt pretty weak the first few days. It definitely got better throughout as the week went on, as my body began to get used to absorbing and living on less food.

We realized that Jeff was not going to physically be able to tolerate the Fast 5 because his calorie intake would be dangerously low for his size and body weight. He began the week on the My Way Select Plan. His customized plan is the Complete Men 1800. He works at home, so I was able to fix his meals and bring them to him in his office. He and I both knew that the less choices he had to make regarding food, especially when he was feeling deprived, would be better. So he essentially has a personal chef throughout his Nutrisystem journey (must be nice!) We are in this journey together, to attain peace with our weight and healthy bodies, so I am happy to do it!

Jeff is 6’4″ and his starting weight was 423.2. Below is his weight loss for this week (I was so very proud of him) and my results from the completion of the weeklong Nutrisystem Fast 5 Kit.

Jeff’s Progress:

  • Week 1: -14.0

I am 5’7″ and have approximately 100 pounds to lose. I will post my pounds lost, but I am not going to post my weight along the way simply because every woman carries weight differently and I don’t want to give anyone a complex because their weight doesn’t look the same as my weight.

Rebekah’s Progress:

  • Week 1: – 9.3

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4 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Week 1: Gnawing Hunger

  1. Hi. I just read your blog that I found by googling “Help I’m starving on Nutrisystem” lol. I don’t see any updates on this and wondered if it worked for you and if the constant hunger ever went away.
    Thank you so much,

    • Hey! The hunger certainly did go away 🙂 If you click on “The Baiers On a Diet” I wrote about our experience with Nutrisystem for 18 weeks. I hope it works out great for you!

  2. I’m starting day 5 of Nutrisystem and I’ve been starving all week. I’m ready to eat a feast! Any suggestions. So far I lost 2 pounds, gained them back, and this morning lost the same 2 pounds. I have no energy, get the shakes and I’ve had a headache all week. Did you have these same symptoms? I have stuck to the plan, other than yesterday I did add additional veggies.

    • Yes I absolutely felt that way – for me it was because of the drastic reduction in calories and the symptoms passed within a few weeks. Definitely not a comfortable feeling, but it will pass and is worth it in the long run! My only suggestion is lots and lots of fruit-infused water, it filled me up and was very little added calories.

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