Nutrisystem Ground Zero

Our food has arrived! I forgot to snap a few pictures before I opened the boxes, I will do that the next time it arrives so you can get an idea of the space you might need to house these big boxes of food.

Having done this before, I was already prepared for the amount of space we would need to clear in the house to make way for Nutrisystem. We are currently using the entire top shelf of our pantry and one and a half shelves in our freezer. I have all the foods separated out into breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinners for easy grabbing.

We both ordered the Nutrisystem My Way Select Plan – a plan that includes both shelf food and frozen meals, with the added benefit of customizing your menu. One thing I was mildly surprised about was the fact that the frozen food came via Fedex using styrofoam coolers packed with dry ice. Last time we did Nutrisystem (VERY short lived), the frozen food came via Schwan’s delivery. Poor poor idea, because along with our Nutrisystem delivery – the delivery man supplied us with a catalog full of utter deliciousness. And I caved. Yes, I can say that without a doubt, my failure that time was due to my weakness for Schwan’s birthday cake ice cream and deep-dish pizza. So thankful that temptation has been removed this time around!

As part of a promotion, Nutrisystem sent their Fast 5 program with our food for free. It is a boxed meal plan with 14 shakes, 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches & 7 dinners. If you follow the plan verbatim for 7 days, then the promise is a loss of five pounds. This program is a precursor and kick-start to the main program.

We plan to start on the Fast 5 tomorrow morning! I want to make a quick note – our review of Nutrisystem is NOT sponsored at this time. (Although I wouldn’t be opposed to it!) Jeff and I simply are using our blog and followers as a forum of accountability. We are dead set on losing this weight regardless, though it will be helpful to hear from you all!

How about you? Are you partaking in a diet plan? Have you ever used Nutrisystem?

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