Weight Loss Memoires: And we gained

Nothing like a little frustration at the beginning of a diet. Three days post the Nutrisystem Fast 5, and after the initial 7.5 pound weight loss, I’m up 3.1 pounds. Yesterday – in lieu of my three extras and my afternoon snack, I enjoyed a piece of my sons 1st birthday cake – but unless it was a 10,000 calorie piece of cake then I am perplexed about why the scale moved so much in the wrong direction. In fact I’m a little upset and disappointed all at the same time. I called a Nutrisystem counselor to verify that I was on the correct plan as far as the amount of calories. The counselor I was connected with was very pleasant. She had me recite the food that I ate yesterday to confirm that I was following the plan properly, and after a short meeting with a supervisor – they both agreed that I was on the proper calorie plan. She stressed that I need to make sure I am drinking lots of water, eating all my veggies and following the plan – which I have been. So there you have it, I am doing everything right and I still gained weight. I truly hope that this is just a very short-lived setback, because it is hard enough to stick to a restrictive diet and exponentially harder when you are not seeing results. I have a few ideas of what the culprits may be:

First of all, I have always retained water like a sponge. In the last few days I have had a couple of diet sodas (uck. yuck. bain, I swore off soda a year ago – but I always seem to revert to it during Nutrisytem as a treat to help me not feel so restricted). But diet soda blows me up like a puffer fish so I will probably need to limit those to once a week.

Second, I did not really eat a lot of pasta prior to Nutrisystem, and that is a staple of a lot of the Nutrisystem entrees.

Third, the Nutrisystem shelf meals are super-processed, and more salt than I am used to consuming. Again, blowing me up like a puffer fish. I am going to have to focus on drinking a lot of water to fight these salt culprits, otherwise the scale is going to continue to be an up & down battle.

In other news – Jeff gained 2 pounds as well. We were on the road over the weekend and drank almost zero water, so I feel like he is probably retaining as well. From here on out, I will only be posting weigh-ins on Fridays.

No school today for Ms. Emry, the kids are both currently playing with daddy’s favorite Christmas present – the Sphero. Liam is perplexed about this strange little ball that is changing colors, making strange noises and rolling around the room, he keeps shaking his hands at it and trying to talk to it. Makes for some good laughs and no one is begging to watch television – so it is a win for me! Now off to make some breakfast.

Have a blessed Monday!

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