Wakeup call: we are fat & it is time to make a change.

So it is no secret to friends and family that Jeff and I have let ourselves go. Life happens, convenience food slowly creeps into our kitchen pantry and basement freezer, and then eventually we’re eating out more than we’re eating in. I obviously knew I needed to make a change long before it started messing with our budget, but I really got a wakeup call when I realized that I was almost a year post baby #2 and I had not lost a pound of baby weight. That, and we have three very important family & friend weddings to attend this year – and I almost had a panic attack thinking about seeing myself in pictures in my current state. To be honest, I’m not sure that Jeff is really too concerned about how he looks – but that’s my guy for you! Regardless, we are not getting any younger and I had the epiphany that I no longer just want to be getting through life, I want to start really living life.

Unfortunately, this isn’t my first time around the block. If any of you have ever struggled with weight, it can be a really ugly battle. If you only have a limited time to workout, you can try a one and done workout program that’s specifically suited for individuals who struggle to find time to exercise everyday. There are also plenty of one and done workout reviews that you can read online to know more about this program for yourself. I struggled with anorexia nervosa & bulimia nervosa in high school, so food can be a real touchy subject with me. After over a year of therapy, I was able to return to a fairly “normal” pattern of eating, though I still have bouts of struggle with the bulimia spectrum. Thankfully now that I have found some balance in my life, those spells are few and far between. Additionally, I am an emotional eater, and over the past almost five years I have gone through my fair share of emotions – hence my current condition. I can almost laugh at people who are quick to say, well just stop eating, it’s your fault because you cannot control yourself, just use portion control, and the list goes on. Well yes, those are all true – but like the root of any addiction, it’s not as easy to fix as it sounds in words. If you haven’t struggled with emotional eating, then the fact is – you really don’t know and your opinion is not relevant to me. Jeff’s weight issues are a little more cut and dried. He was an athlete in high school, and was not an athlete in college. Get the picture? He has some emotional and boredom eating issues as well, but we’re in this together, through thick and thin, and failure is not an option at this point. So there is no quick fix, but I have reached my breaking point and it is time to make a real physical change in our lives. For ourselves, and to be the parents that our children deserve.

Like I said, I have been through this before. After Emry was born in 2004, I shed a little over 100 pounds in about 2 years using Nutrisystem for a large portion of the time – granted I had gained A LOT when I was pregnant and was much younger at the time. I was at a nearly perfect weight for my body type and health when I got married in 2009. The weight slowly began to creep back on and I am ashamed and disappointed to say I am back where I started in 2004. Blah! For the record – this had NOTHING to do with Nutrisystem’s success or failure record, it was solely my poor eating decisions.

We tossed around several diet plans, and based on my huge success with Nutrisystem the first time – Nutrisystem is the winner! The holidays are nearly past, and while I’m not gorging myself (well – Jeff might be indulging because of our impending diet), we are going to wait until the beginning of January to jump in head first.

Merry Christmas, enjoy your family and remember the true meaning of the season – the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior.

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