Moby Wrap & NoseFrida To The Rescue!



Liam caught his first little cold – as any of you with kids in school know, those pesky germs are shared at school like wildfire and in turn, shared at home! Regardless, a 6-week old with the sniffles is no fun. He was fussy, we were grouchy…you get the picture. Enter my two favorite products to date – the Moby Wrap and the NoseFrida. As you can see from our soundly sleeping Liam, he also agrees! After I figured out the initially fairly complicated wrap, we tucked Liam inside and he dozed off peacefully while Mommy “wore him” for over two hours, meanwhile his little snores rivaled those of his Daddy 🙂 Best investment ever? I think so! Coming in at a close second – the revolutionary NoseFrida. You all have seen those blue plastic nose “suckers” aka aspirators, right? Virtually worthless. After hours of online research and a recommendation from my pediatrician, I purchased the NoseFrida at a local boutique. Yes – the concept is pretty disgusting, (I won’t go into detail, but you can google the product and see the process) but once you get past the grossness of the situation, this device is AWESOME. Oh the small things 🙂 We have restored the peace and no more stuffy noses in this house!

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