Wakeup call: we are fat & it is time to make a change.

So it is no secret to friends and family that Jeff and I have let ourselves go. Life happens, convenience food slowly creeps into our kitchen pantry and basement freezer, and then eventually we’re eating out more than we’re eating in. I obviously knew I needed to make a change long before it started messing with our budget, but I really got a wakeup call when I realized that I was almost a year post baby #2 and I had not lost a pound of baby weight.

Treasured Moments

Every day I am reminded that I have been so blessed to care for my two sweet and beautiful children. Liam adores his big sister, and Emry is so proud of her baby brother and has been such an incredible helper since we brought him home. These precious moments never cease to make my day – they remind me to slow down and enjoy the important things in life.

A day spent at Shutterfly

Between feedings, fussy moments, breakfast, lunch, and household tasks, I quite literally spent almost all day at shutterfly.com! It is quite addicting, and I must admit it was a lot of fun! I had coupon codes for 10 free baby announcements, 50 free 4×6 prints and a free 11-oz photo mug. Of course I had to pay shipping, but $17.66 was a very small fee to pay for hours of entertainment! It is perpetually difficult for me to make up my mind, so I spent the bulk of my day designing 10 different announcements so we can see them in person. The website was super easy to use and I cannot wait to receive my finished products in the mail! Now to check out Tiny Prints…. Wow, after reading this I realize that it doesn’t take much to please me these days, though I am sure many moms who have stayed up half the night with a 7-week old will

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Moby Wrap & NoseFrida To The Rescue!

  Liam caught his first little cold – as any of you with kids in school know, those pesky germs are shared at school like wildfire and in turn, shared at home! Regardless, a 6-week old with the sniffles is no fun. He was fussy, we were grouchy…you get the picture. Enter my two favorite products to date – the Moby Wrap and the NoseFrida. As you can see from our soundly sleeping Liam, he also agrees! After I figured out the initially fairly complicated wrap, we tucked Liam inside and he dozed off peacefully while Mommy “wore him” for over two hours, meanwhile his little snores rivaled those of his Daddy 🙂 Best investment ever? I think so! Coming in at a close second – the revolutionary NoseFrida. You all have seen those blue plastic nose “suckers” aka aspirators, right? Virtually worthless. After hours of online research and a recommendation from my pediatrician, I purchased the NoseFrida at a local

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Liam’s first family walk and loving the BOB

Starting to get a little cabin fever. Six days inside the house with nothing but nursing, eating, breast pumping, maybe a shower, repeat – it was time to get outside! Lovely brisk weather out today, I thought it might be a nice idea to get the family outdoors and go for a (short) walk. I am obviously still recovering from my 2nd cesarean and I am taking it very very slow. Definitely feeling the 9 year difference between baby #1 & #2! Baby Liam is 6 days old today and was so easy to snuggle up in his car seat. We got about half a block before Emry fought us to push the stroller. I was too tired and pain-filled to do my normal patient correction – “Emry, let’s go over this again, it’s so much nicer to say “Mommy, may I please push the stroller instead of just yanking the stroller away from me.” Instead I told her to

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Meeting big sister!

  Unfortunately due to flu restrictions, Emry was not allowed to visit Liam in the hospital, so after four long days away from us, of course she was soooo excited to meet her baby brother! We surprised her by picking her up at school with baby in tow – she saw us pull in the drive and her excitement was electric! Biggest smile ever 🙂 She got to hold baby Liam as soon as we got home and after she washed her hands of course, darn flu season! It was a very sweet moment for all of us!

Mommy’s Account of Liam’s Birth Day

We were so excited to meet our little guy! We arrived at Hays Medical Center at 6:00 am. During the long walk to the delivery unit, I started to feel a bit panicky. By the time we were settled in our room and I changed into my super stylish hospital gown, my anxiety was through the roof. I was trying to keep myself calm by staying preoccupied. Jeff unknowingly helped me relieve some tension when he ripped out the backside of his paper scrubs and provided a good laugh 🙂 During our entire stay, my nurses were awesome. They are worth their weight in gold and then some!  After several preliminary questions, paperwork and starting my IV, we walked to the operating room. For those of you who have never been inside an operating room – it can invoke some scary emotions. To make matters worse, Jeff had to stay outside while I was prepared for the cesarean. My anesthesiologist

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Oh happy delivery day!

So here we are, baby Baier’s birthday! My entire pregnancy I have basically been a ball of nerves. Eight years ago, my first pregnancy was complicated by preeclampsia and finally resulted in a preterm emergency cesarean. However irrational, I was certain that I was going to be destined to relive certain aspects of my first pregnancy. We kept in close communication with our awesome OBGYN and I stayed fit with daily walks and Zumba. Despite all my healthy choices and many reassurances, my first experience was always in the back of my mind. But praise the Lord, we made it to our scheduled D-day! Our hospital does not perform VBAC’s, therefore Baby Baier will be delivered six days before our actual due date via scheduled c-section. Our bags are packed, Emry couldn’t bear the spend the night away from us last night so she got the same 4:30 am wakeup call as Jeff and I, and we will drop her

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